Thursday, October 01, 2015

MGTOW Flow Chart!!!

Are you confused about whether you're a VirginTOW MGTOW?  Not too sure what it takes to be in this elite group of men?  Never fear, Cappy's here with his easy to understand flow chart!  Just answer "yes" or "no" to the questions below and find out if YOU have what it takes to be VirginTOW MGTOW! (may have to click to get original size)


ChrisW said...

Strawman argument. No, I don't like women. I don't like men either, but I do appreciate individuals from either sex at their best. In womens' case, that means being sexually attractive, which I appreciate.

No, I don't really enjoy sex, and yes I have had sex. Not much sex, given my age, looks and intelligence [I am not the kind of guy women throw themselves at, but I have enough advantages that women have thrown themselves at me, even if I was too stupid to realize it] but I have had sex. I do like sweaty female flesh underneath me, above me, whatever, but no, I don't enjoy sex, and I accept that I'm weird that way.

I've asked girls out, more than once. Usually girls who were throwing themselves at me and I was too stupid to realize it, but this isn't about how much of a stud I am or how much of an alpha male I am or my understanding of game, this is about MGTOW. The following questions are just condescending. You're more of an alpha male than I am, I won't question that, but the following questions are just being a dick for no reason. Congratulations, you have proven I will never be the kind of person who gets the pussy like you are. Maybe I should just go my own way. Oh wait, I already do that. Oh well, you deserve pussy for showing me how horrible I am.

Can't get a haircut because I am already under legal obligations to have my hair a certain way, ditto hitting the gym. Certainly don't have a job where I can check up on forums of any kind. Literally, I only discovered a few weeks ago that rules have changed enough that I can look up Youtube at work, and rather than forums, I'd rather listen to music. And it's not until looking at this chart that I remembered the girl I held hands with during some "Fantasia" re-release in the 1980s. I'm sure I wasn't in 4th grade, but I'd have to look up whatever year it was to figure out what grade I was in. Her name actually was "Jasmine" and she was so pretty. I never gave it the slightest thought (and didn't like the movie either; still don't except that I recognize its contribution to animation history.)

My point is that your arbitrary rules are giving me a warm fuzzy about a movie I hated with a girl I kind of liked because I was still at the age where girls are icky [her mother and my father stayed well apart from each other because as far as I know, this meeting was entirely coincidental] Which has nothing to with how much sex I get or how much of an alpha male I am or my attraction to women.

Men Going Their Own Way is literally that. You can't predict where Men will go, you can't define where Men will go. At best, you can let them go their own way. At worst, you can say 'have fun, you poor bastards' and realize they won't care what you think.

I don't check MGTOW forums because I have too many other things to do. Maybe those forums are pathetic to read, I'll take your word for it. You're the alpha male. I get that. I am not, and will not pretend to be.

That said, is it possible that MGTOW can encompass men who don't fit into your established patterns? Tear me apart, fine, but that still doesn't answer the hundreds/thousands/millions of men who go their own way without my interference, or yours. Isn't that why we're men? To go our own way?

ChrisW said...

Delete the first post because I didn't include the part about follow-up emails. The internet is a confusing place.

Aerodawg said...

Me being the aero geek see MGtow and immediately think max gross takeoff weight

Joe said...

Chris, you got about as much merit as a seedless watermelon.

Anonymous said...

Yeah...I don't really follow that whole movement. It seems it might depend a bit on the more extreme ends of the spectrum, as your funny (albeit harsh) chart implies. But on a broader spectrum, it can't all be wrong. After all, you yourself noted that of the hundreds of women you tried dating, paltry few were marriage material. Going their own way is simply an effect of a few causes such as that. If most women aren't worth investing a lifetime of energy in, why Wouldn't more (or dare I say, most?) men not go their own way.

As you wrote in a blog as far back as 7 years age:
"Do you mean, do men give up and don't bother trying to find women any more?" I clarified.
She said, "Yes. So do they?"
"Yes" I answered.
She was somewhat surprised at my response. She said, "so they just give up? They don't go out anymore? Don't they want to find somebody? Anybody?!"
"Yeah, more or less."
"That's crazy! How do they ever expect to find anybody?"
I replied, "Well...they don't."
Regardless, the point was her reaction surprised me in return to see this was that shocking of a revelation to her. I always thought it was kind of common knowledge, men do indeed give up after a while, but apparently it's not.

The Plague Doctor said...

Crappy is (again and again) confusing MGTOW with Incel/TFL. The two concepts couldn't be more opposite. MGTOW HQ forums has a zero incel policy for this very reason.

Michael said...

i always wondered whether i put pussy on a pedestal, and now i have proof. Thanks Cappy!!!

The Question said...

As amusing as the chart is, I don't know if you want to continue giving these individuals this kind of attention, especially since they probably aren't getting it from girls. Even if you're making fun of them, they can interpret it as a sign of them successfully getting underneath your skin.

It's been made clear that men today have a choice; they can either wallow in the mire of self-pity, even if the grievances are completely justified, or they can focus on making improvements in their life and aspire to greatness in whatever capacity they can despite the hurdles in their way. Those interested in changing have plenty of resources in the Manosphere and bloggers are more than willing to provide advice to those trying to better their lives.

As I see it, many of these individuals are simply casualties of our social/cultural war against men. They are the green soldiers at Normandy who got shot before they even had a chance to get out of the watercraft and make it to the beach. They're the British recruits who got mowed down at Somme a few yards from the trenches. They're the airborne paratroopers who got shot while still helpless in the parachute harnesses.

For them, nothing done or said will snap them out of their mindset. Better to leave them be and focus on those who can be saved.

Anonymous said...


What are you so frustrated about competition eliminating itself and leaving more women for you to chase ?

Madman said...

Hey Joe, seedless watermelons are awesome.

ChrisW said...

I'm just guessing that he meant it as an insult. Sweet tasting watermelon, without seeds? Dude, give me some of that. What will men invent next? Fried chicken without bones? Bacon without fat? Boobs without a mouthy bitch?

James Wolfe said...

I had steady girlfriends and therefore a steady supply of sex through high school and college. I've been in two different women's beds in one night on more than one occasion. I've made out with women I wasn't even dating. And I've had women hit on me and ask me out and even kiss me for no reason even though they knew I was married. I married my college sweetheart and never cheated on her once. And she left me for a complete loser. I mean a real three strikes loser who's wife dumped him. And her next boyfriend was an even bigger loser and ended up in jail. There's a whole lot more I could tell you that would sicken your stomach. Needless to say it was enough to turn me off women. Sure I like to look at them and I have several women friends but they're just not worth it. I'm very fortunate I was able to keep my house and my income and the kids. But only because I was a hard ass about it and refused to give an inch. We're still married because neither of us has any interest in being in any more relationships but we happily live apart. If we didn't have kids I suppose a divorce would make sense it's just more simple this way. I consider myself MGTOW but I don't follow any of the forums. The forums are really only for people new to the scene who feel like they are alone in the world. They learn that they are not alone and that other men have been there too and survived. Eventually you move on and truly go your own way, do your own thing. That person you are describing, or rather making fun of, is that 1% of men who are total losers who are afraid to even try. By lumping them in with men like me you tar paper all of us. I live a full and happy life. I have tons of hobbies and interests to keep me busy and I have my two girls to raise. I don't have time for drama queens or shit tests or all the other BS women like to pull. I wasn't put on this earth to entertain or keep some woman happy. If a woman wants to come along for the ride she's welcome but she's not dragging me down. That's what MGTOW means. Not some club for cry baby losers.