Thursday, October 01, 2015

Blue Collar Guys are Beneath White Collar Women

Even though they make more than them.  Oh well.  Enjoy you cats.


Anonymous said...

A link to a honey badger blog with MGTOW sponsors, and your most recent post is a MGTOW diss. (Mgtow flow chart) What gives?

Seems like you and Aurini have decided to surf the MGTOW wave in a Machavellian fashion, using this movement as something to act superior to -

which doesn't bother me since I'm not a MGTOW - more of a MWWGHOWIANBWCBHLWCATASTM (Man who would go his own way if absolutely necessary but won't categorically because he likes women's company and touch and sex too much)

But this apparent calculation shall be a blunder for ye. The red pill world will move on without you and leave you behind. And the funny thing is, we know you know better.

Don't find yourself in the no-man's land of having lost your red pill credibility and still not being able to get a Ted Talk...

Anonymous said...

Would love to see you review the book Date-onomics by Jon Birger which calls for "mixed collar" marriages to solve the shortage of college educated men compared to college educated women. Birger himself is married with children. The most interesting part of the book was his comment that the hottest and most accomplished women were often not able to find men who would even ask them out, let alone marry them.

Anonymous said...

Women are nothing but trouble. Pretty women are an order of magnitude worse.