Friday, October 23, 2015

Women Earn the Majority of Degrees


Also, a side video that was actually hilarious.


MC said...

I see nothing wrong with an educated woman, provided it doesn't come at the cost of her common sense.

Too bad the majority of women I see getting degrees are getting them in foolishness (liberal arts, communication studies) or social engineering-y things (education, social work).

Now, I'm not degrading the liberal arts. They're useful. I like me a good piece of art, a good story. But you don't need a bachelor's degree to produce these things. If you're going to get a degree, make it something useful (engineering, medicine, a trade-school certificate). Art and writing are things better pursued in your spare time. I should know-- I got an English degree; other than comments on blogs and message boards, I haven't written a single word since!!

Of course, we need teachers. Unfortunately, the ones I see coming out of teachers' college these days have heads so full of politics and idealism that they can neither control a classroom nor impart knowledge. In other words, they're useless to anyone other than the string-pullers of the liberal social engineering programs.

About the only useful thing I see women studying in large numbers these days is nursing.

Anonymous said...

Completely unrelated, but vengence on baby boomers is starting to happen:

Anonymous said...

This is why it is fun to be a misanthrope:

JK Brown said...

The passionate endeavors to eliminate the classical studies from the curriculum of the liberal education and thus virtually to destroy its very character were one of the major manifestations of the revival of the servile ideology.

Mises, Ludwig von. The Anti-Capitalistic Mentality, 1956

That boys and men are avoiding the servile ideology endemic in the liberal arts is a good thing.

Anonymous said...


Brilliant video Aaron, but best of all the comment you made in the video:
"This is like negative interest rates" HAHAHAHA!!! (0.41)