Friday, October 16, 2015

Fuck You Mark Dayton

You drugged up piece of spoiled, trust fund baby shit.

Yeah, it is time to leave.


Anonymous said...

Below are some links which will have more links where the answer to "who was financing the refugee resettlement in St. Cloud and Dayton" may be found.

While churches don't file form 990's - other non-profits do - and those are required by IRS regulations to be open to inspection. You can get a free membership at Guidestar and then obtain access to on-line 990's.

To check for Exempt Organizations - use EO (Exempt Organization) Select Check:

Anonymous said...

Your State refugee coordinators:


State Refugee Coordinator: Rachele King 651.431.3837
State Refugee Health Coordinator (Acting): Blain Mamo 651.201.5535
ORR Regional Representative: Chandra Allgood-Foster 312.886.9539

The Question said...

Textbook example of the liability of owning a home rather than renting. In today's world, things can go downhill real fast, and when it's time to leave you can't afford to be stalled trying to sell the house or stuck there because you're underwater.

Freedom lovers will soon have to live like minimalist gypsies, capable of uprooting and moving when necessary, never living in one place.

RJ said...

It's not just in the US:

Joe said...

No, if he won't seek the consent of the governed, it's HIS time to find another state.

One Fat Oz Guy said...

Here's the big problem: these elected people who do this are either get plum thank you positions in big organisations in the UN for all their humanitarian work or will retire to another state.
Former Australian PM Julia Gillard did just that. She ignored her working class constituents and retired to a million dollar mansion in another state.
It should be a requirement that you must live in area you lived in for a minimum of five years after your term ends.
He'll be getting something for these bad choices, just a question of what position and who is pulling the strings.