Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Titillating Tuesday Linkage

She wasn't haaaaaaapppyyyyyyyy.

I was surprised there was still this many smart people in America.

My son will ask, "What was it like when women were women?"  And I'll look at him and say, "Heck if I know son.  I was born after the 60's and never met one my age."

Silvio Canto talks about the debate, but more interestingly El Chapo on the run again.

Captain America now helping illegal aliens out.


Anonymous said...

Interesting links. Women give sharp, hostile eyeballs to women who wear skirts all the time. It's only ok to wear a skirt sometimes. Not all the time. Women are rough on women they perceive as "Aunt Toms", traitors. They don't have to do or say anything overt, but the message gets across. Being seen as an idiot, or not cool, or suspect, has consequences. Especially at work.

A single woman needs to ignore that pressure, dress in skirts not pants.

Skirts scare away some men. They think the woman looks dependent, high-maintenance. But that scaring off is good. Let them go. The one man who gets the point of her personal signage will be husband material. The others would have wasted her time anyway.

Between a gorgeous model in pants, and a woman the same age in a skirt, the one in the skirt will look more feminine. Not hotter. More feminine. There's a difference.

A man might need to decide if he wants hot, or feminine. Maybe he needs to make up his mind. They aren't the same thing at all.

Yes. Most women look terrible in pants. Sorry. And finding an attractive skirt does take some work. The stores aren't filled with them. There are tailors. There are seamstresses.

Sanne said...

Hey, Aaron, thanks for the link!

Anonymous said...


were all sons of the serpents now

Peregrine John said...

Who the holy fuck is scared off by a skirt? (Answer: no one with descended testes.) Feminine attracts masculine.

DayByDayCartoon said...

Thanks for the link!!!