Thursday, October 15, 2015

Men Never Married by 40 Have Something "Wrong" With Them

Yeah, they're the precious few fiscally responsible people left in the world:


Anonymous said...

I remember watching part of an Oprah episode in the 90's when she had Kristie Alley on and Oprah and Kristie agreed that any man over 40 who isn't married has something wrong with them. Typical feminist nonsense. Oprah never married. Kristie got divorced, and got fat. Who want to marry a college girl who gave her best years to more than a few men. They didn't give you theirs, don't be the fool who gives them yours guys.

JK Brown said...

The comment about Americans always wanting to blame someone else reminded me of this anecdote from Mises' 'The Anti-Captialist Mentality':

Now we can try to understand why people loathe capitalism.

In a society based on caste and status, the individual can ascribe adverse fate to conditions beyond his own control. He is a slave because the superhuman powers that determine all becoming had assigned him this rank. It is not his doing, and there is no reason for him to be ashamed of his humbleness. His wife cannot find fault with his station. If she were to tell him: “Why are you not a duke? If you were a duke, I would be a duchess,” he would reply: “If I had been born the son of a duke, I would not have married you, a slave girl, but the daughter of another duke; that you are not a duchess is exclusively your own fault; why were you not more clever in the choice of your parents?”

It is quite another thing under capitalism. Here everybody’s station in life depends on his own doing. Everybody whose ambitions have not been fully gratified knows very well that he has missed chances, that he has been tried and found wanting by his fellow man. If his wife upbraids him: “Why do you make only eighty dollars a week? If you were as smart as your former pal, Paul, you would be a foreman and I would enjoy a better life,” he becomes conscious of his own inferiority and feels humiliated.

The much talked about sternness of capitalism consists in the fact that it handles everybody according to his contribution to the well-being of his fellow men.

Mises, Ludwig von (2010-12-23). The Anti-Capitalistic Mentality

We can see from that that capitalism requires everyone take responsibility for their decisions in life. And, of course, there is something wrong with those who make good choice and then in their greed to not give some or all of what they earned to others who chose the consumerist or instant gratification path. Others didn't concern themselves with the 30 something unmarried man, but in his 40s when that investment starts to pay off, there is something wrong with him.

Anonymous said...

I was hearing this at age 30, My family whispering it about me at age 25. Always women saying it though. Men don't seem to care one way or the other if a dude gets married or not.

Anonymous said...

Yes they have something wrong with them. They are usually happy and free. That is a major sin in modern society.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, the old version of the "man up" bullsh**. Maybe more real men would consider doing so I'd more women were worth doing it for. As it is, they demand the world and give nothing in return.

Those men over 40 who aren't married are maybe just not anyone's fools, least of all insipid gits like Oprah and Kristie.

Anonymous said...

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