Wednesday, October 07, 2015

Legal Insurance for Men

Hi All,

New sponsor, for everybody, but particularly men.

Cydonian Signal is offering a product called Legal Shield that basically works like a "AAA," but instead of for your car, it's for your legal protection.

More can be found here, but seriously, consider it.  If you're looking for some kind of investment and you don't like the price multiples of the stock market, then things like silver, guns, LifeLock, and Legal Shield make sense.  Besides, all you have to do is set down the booze for a couple days and BOOM!  You've already paid for Legal Shield.

Regardless, please consider supporting Cydonian in his entrepreneurial ventures if you could use this product.




Anonymous said...

These guys are great. Used them to mess with slumlords before.

WoodNfish said...

I appreciate the tip, but it is insurance for a service - not an investment.