Thursday, February 11, 2016

A Kind Review of "Curse of the High IQ"

Many thanks!


Unknown said... this is the whole waste his time 2016 and it exposes women in this economy all women want is your cash

Anonymous said...

Thank you! What an amazing book!
My husband gave it to me yesterday as an early Valentines day gift. I just finished it this morning. Bravo! Ah.. our life summed up in your work. My husband ( over 130 ) and myself (121) found each other and have four high IQ children, whom we have home educated.
After many years of struggle and pursuing the "American dream" we left it all and traveled the world living below our means to accumulate material possessions, so as to not remain slaves to the masses. My husband was fortunate to find an attractive misanthrope and I a mind to entertain me for the last 20 years. Our 17 year old daughter is a pure entrepreneur and has attained a level of financial success already ( receiving her monthly income into an account outside the greedy hands of the ignorant). We have taught them the libertarian principles and given them the advantages of a multi-country experience allowing them to meet intelligent peers along the way.
We are back in the States and it is even more painful to us now. We are contemplating our next move, either Mexico again or remaining for another couple of years in what seems to be the accelerated Idiocracy. There are many brilliant minds who have found that living freely is so much better than the alternative prison that is the U.S.. becoming a perpetual tourist is a lifestyle that affords so many opportunities to the intelligent mind; the local populations don't seem nearly as dumb when you haven't mastered their language, and we found the more intelligent ones will seek us out, allowing us to have friends all over the world.

Thank you again for your work, it is encouraging to know we are not crazy.