Saturday, February 27, 2016

New Pilot Program for Cappy Cap

On account my voice is nasally and not "Sean Connery-esque" not to mention I don't have the patience for scripted readings, I'm entertaining enlisting the help of audio professionals to read posts since I know many of you don't like to read, but rather would listen.  Would very much appreciate your input on the young man who was kind enough to offer this as an audition sample:


Unknown said...

There's nothing wrong with your voice! it's good.

golden geese news said...

Someone who is unfamiliar with you would probably like the hired speaker better, but people who have known you for a while will definitely you better.

I have been reading and listening to you for years, and your nasally voice, throat clearing, sniffling, and any of your other imperfections, have become endearing to me, much the same way someone would prefer the company of friend with known faults, to a stranger who appears to be perfect. Captain Capitalism fans love Captain Capitalism just the way he is, warts and all.

Bottom line: A hired speaker may be able to attract and hold more new listeners, but you run the risk of losing long time fans if you are not doing the speaking, yourself.

Anonymous said...

I like your vocal 'avatar'.

Anonymous said...

I don't give a damn either way about the voice...I quite like the way you deliver shit actually, with all the ranting and the posturing and the motor overload born of frustration.

Your own voice is no more and no less irritating than Quintus Curtius' faux gravitas and whatever the fuck Mike Cernovich's odd squeak is.

My problem is that I'd far rather have printed text as well; I read WAY faster than you can talk, and I don't have a lot of time.


Unknown said...

Yes, the voice is good. Nothing wrong with your voice though, Aaron.

Maybe let us know the name of the guest speaker and do a little introduction, that makes it more personable.

Another idea would be to have a little Youtube show where you talk about your "blogpost of the week" and have this speaker as side-kick, so you don't simply read the post but shoot the shit with your partner.

chris muir said...

Your voice is part of the Cappy experience.It would be a loss if you silenced it.

. said...

Sorry Dude,

Don't watch ANY video content, period.

I log on to READ... and analyze, which reading allows me to do.

If I want to be (mislead) to a you-tube post, I seek out you-tube and search the subject I am interested in.

In other words, I skip virtually 100% of your pod-casts, and only READ you... period!

Enough of this "Clarey speaks at 8:20, and watch from then."

Can I quote that shit?


So what use is it to me?


Aristotle sent his messages forward 2300 years by WRITING, not by yacking, thank you very much.

Dark Wolf said...

Your guy is OK, but he needs to do more speaking to people than reading to them. It shows. That's why everyone says your voice is fine - your speaking to the listener far outweighs any imperfections in delivery that you may have (or merely think you have). Not trying to be too hard on your guy - reading someone else's words and making them sound like you are speaking them in conversation is something that takes a lot of practice.

Denise said...

This young man's voice is good, easy to listen too, but definitely not authentic. You have a crescendo in your rants...a natural climax which certain of us females, free to feel our true feminine nature, can't help but respond to ;) Natural instincts aside I do believe it's your authenticity and obvious passion of your thoughts that people respond to most. For this reason maybe scripts are not the best way to deliver your material. If you were reciting herlequin romance novels I say get the professional. Not unlike Donald Trump and Amy Schumer, it is your confidence and charisma that attract your followers- not...well, the other physical attributes. No professional can ever deliver the Captain like the man himself!

Anonymous said...

The articles would lose a lot if read by someone else, you cant fake exasperated sarcasm.

Have him turn your books into audiobooks, those can be less personal.

1432fpchero said...

your voice let this guy do the audio books

Peregrine John said...

I can't quote video, and it takes many times longer to get through, with less absorption (reading comprehension for sound, whatever that phrase is), so for the most part I read and don't listen, like some of the others have said. Which is odd, because I'm a voiceover guy and make other people's stuff sound like mine regularly. Yeah, I watch the vids now and then, and your voice doesn't bug me at all. Your young chap has promise, though.