Friday, February 05, 2016

Essay #2 Do Western Women Deserve Western Men?

By Unsweettea

The heroics of the “greatest generation” are well documented and used as a standard of what men should aspire. The question we face now is do women deserve men like Ronald Spiers and the other brave men of Easy Company? Women can rationalize all the want, but the honest and simple answer is no. The majority of women today would likely not even appreciate a man like Ronald Spiers. They would look at him and probably call him a misogynist while being confused as to why this misogynist just caused them to soak through their panties. Hell, even in Mr. Spiers’ time, women were self-indulgent; some women happily cheated on their husbands or left them while they were deployed overseas. As we know, this still happens today.

I do not believe men should sacrifice their lifestyles, games, hobbies, or gym memberships for for women. These things help define men. They help recharge men’s bodies and souls when work or life gets particularly difficult. Men should determine what aspects of their life and hobbies are non-negotiable. If a woman they are courting cannot respect that, plate or next her, but definitely don’t reward bad behavior by marrying her. Women should respect men if only on this one thing. If a woman respects you enough to give you space to recharge yourself by doing “manly” things, she may very well be a keeper. Respect is a trait sorely lacking in women. This probably has to do with the indoctrination that women are somehow better than men and men’s needs are somehow less important.

This begs the question, why are women so threatened by men’s hobbies, gym memberships, games, etc.? How does it hurt them? Easy. It’s because they are not the center of attention. Most women today are nothing more than emotionally stunted, overgrown children. When men do their thing either alone or with other men, his attention is on his buddies or the task at hand, not on his woman. As irrational it is, women feel threatened when they are not the center of attention. That weekly poker game with the guys is just as threatening as the hot bartender showing major cleavage while serving drinks. What ends up happening? She manipulates the situation or throws a tantrum. Just like a child, any attention is better than no attention.

Let’s circle back to respect and other traits. Men are expected to be stoic, honorable, hardworking and loyal. What are women expected to bring to the table? Maybe be pleasant for short periods of time and occasionally put out? That’s a pretty lopsided deal. Men should be under no obligation to give women their best when women do not offer the same in return. Women should contribute the same as men. If she expects a man to be honorable and loyal, she must offer him the same. If she cannot be a contributor to a man’s life just as much he is for her life, she is not worth it.

A stay-at-home is not being respectful or loyal to her husband when she allows him to come home from a long day at work to a dirty house. She is not being respectful when she makes him swing by McDonalds to pick up dinner for himself and the family because she just didn’t have time to make dinner. She didn’t have time last night either, the night before that, and the night before that one, too. Those pesky daytime talk shows and Facebook got in the way, but she will never admit that. She does not respect that he works 50 – 60 hours between two part time jobs to provide for the family. His days off are filled with errands and honey-do items because if he doesn’t’ do the laundry, it will never get done. She does not honor or respect him in the least to let him have time for himself or with his friends, to let him recharge himself before he starts another week of long shifts. But she believes she is not in the wrong; she is too self-entitled and knows he is trapped. If he leaves her, he will end up with nothing because of divorce rape. The sight of such a beaten man is sad indeed.

It’s from real life examples like the above that I understand why men plate women or decide to go MGTOW. I don’t believe all hope is lost. It may take either a catastrophic event or many generations to turn this around. There is a small and slowly growing pocket of women who realize the stuff they have been taught about their superiority are all wrong. They are learning the old ways of traditional gender roles in relationships. In having these kinds of relationships, they are having fulfillment they never had previously. They honor their men, subscribe to the “keep his balls empty and his stomach full” philosophy, and quell their inner hamsters without relying too much on him. They give their men space to be men and nurture it.

Until the tides change and more women actually understand what it means to be women rather than harpies, Western men should only defend Western civilization for themselves, for their fellow man, to preserve their way of life. Going back to “Band of Brothers,” when you watch the first episodes, the men initially enlist to protect the American way of life and to ensure the war doesn’t spread across the Atlantic. After being hardened by several hard fought battles, their intentions change. They still have a patriotic sense of duty to fight, but more importantly, they find themselves fighting for each other, for the brotherhood.

Men should stop protecting and saving women. We don’t deserve it and we will never learn if we don’t have to pay consequences for our piss-poor decisions. Protect yourselves and each other.


Logos said...

The author of this article has a true sense of justice. She has obeyed the Delphic command.

Anonymous said...

The problem is, why would men fight and die for a feminist society?

Just Another Asshole said...

These essays are too and little too late. The return to the Ye Goode Olde Days will not happen. Enjoy The Decline!

Anonymous said...

Reading this short essay, authored by woman no less, is akin to a new found hope, or a breath of jam packed spring air on a blue bird day all the while cranking the throttle on a robust Ducati ST4S with Termi’s.Hauling ass while pegged in the red zone on wide secondary roads in the Adirondacks is read: clean and exhilarating!

Yet, at the same time I point out the onslaught and takeover of the “FI” as Rollo saliently points out in his latest post, War Brides of Europe: “The fabric of western society from our religions, to our work cultures, to our personal relations, to our educational institutions, to the foundations of our parenting, have been progressively and systematically feminized over the course of 60+ short years." I’m not so sure this has been stated directly like this anywhere. Clearly given today’s bankrupt PC culture and “anti-reality” leftoid dominance of the academia, media, HR departments, corp and Western psyche, to confront this is like pissing in the wind. So be it. So I guess the default message of this short essay is to filter, filter and filter for.…get your shit together (burden of performance) and find the outlier, the ones left in Eastern Europe, Asia, small town USA ect…which seems kinda crazy until you realize the culture is sick and the values espoused by intelligencia are anti-reason, anti-liberty, anti-life, anti-romanticism….
If you’re going to enjoy the decline or perhaps separate yourself from the madness, take this advice and do it in style: “Style is the component in esthetics that represents selectively focused essential characteristics. Style differentiates art from reality, the inspirational from the mundane. This is not to say that the idea of a stylized life means divorcing life from reality. On the contrary, it means identifying the essentials of life, what's important about life, and making them your focus. It means identifying goals and planning to achieve them. It means aspiring not simply to be good, but to be great. It means looking to your heroes, real or fictional, and realizing you too can be like them. Not a life of fiction, but a life like fiction.”

Unacknowledged Legislator

Tucanae Services said...

Well I have to say, Western women are going to find out what they screwed up, as western civ declines and the barbarians take over. Women in Cologne, Helsinki, Brussels are finding that out. What's even funnier and sad is that the only western men willing to protect them are european biker dudes. And I suspect that the biker dudes aren't in it for the women; they just want to crack some Jihadi skulls. The women are just chum.

Max said...

Hmm, I do understand the argument but for some reason that doesn't apply to the girls I am usually dating (or that want to date me). Perhaps Germany still a bit different than the USA but I don't think so. On many issues we are similar when it comes to feminism fe.
The girls I met even find it strange when the man changes his habits too much.