Friday, February 12, 2016

Why I Don't Work for Ernst and Young

And will never open up a division in the UK.

Hmmmm....maybe Ernst and Young could hire Asshole Consulting.  They're going to need it.


bitsy ditsy said...

MAybe you could post a proposal...make it a b.s. one how you will prove and find a way to close the gap.

Get the bid accepted.

Then actually pull apart and show there is NO F--KING GENDER PAY GAP!!!!!!!!!!\

Might as well hack it!

Anonymous said...

Isn't there some data that shows females earn more? At least ages 20 to 25

Anonymous said...

Big time public accounting has always seemed like such a shit deal to me. Glad I avoided that path out of school.

Most people are miserable and way overworked for the amount of salary they actually draw. It's no coincidence most fresh out of college hires jump ship to industry after a few years.

Anonymous said...

If there actually is any pay gap, you know how employers will respond - they'll lower the wages of men. Women won't win anything and life will suck even more for men.

heresolong said...

Not one requirement that they include information on experience, employment background, hours worked, time off, etc.