Sunday, February 14, 2016

Cappy's Adventures in Salton Sea and California

My adventures took me from Yuma, AZ, around the Salton Sea, through the back way to Del Mar (San Diego) and then up the PCH 1 to Balboa Island.  If you ever want to visit a city entirely based on the meth trade I recommend Bombay Beach.  If you want a place where people have all their teeth and aren't collecting a government check, I recommend Balboa Island.


caveman said...

you should clean your motorcycle so it doesn't rust after visiting Salton sea

heresolong said...

I rode across from Yuma to San Diego last summer as a part of a trip through Utah and Colorado. 110 degrees in Phoenix which caused my battery to die, 86 degrees in Yuma at six in the a.m. when I left my hotel. Needless to say I didn't do any touristing on the way to San Diego, just got the hell across that bit of desert and over to the coast. You did miss a pretty spectacular bit of scenery by cutting up to the lake. The mountains around In-Ko-Pah park on I-5 are pretty unbelievable.