Monday, February 08, 2016

Today's High IQ Girl Eye Candy is Cindy

Alright boys, pay attention.

Cindy was very kind to volunteer to take this pic to help the Ole Captain out and to give you yahoos something prettier to look at than charts.  Kind of like a WWII pinup girl/Rita Hayworth helping the soldiers out on the battlefield against socialism and SJW's.

Anyway, if you'd be so kind to help her out if you have a need for a model to model...well...anything, young Cindy would appreciate it very much.

Oh yeah, and there's a book or something in the picture there too.


Anonymous said...

Cindy has some great wheels on her!!

Peregrine John said...

Well damn. I need to take my lens a bit farther east now and then, it seems.

Michael said...

Even as someone with glasses, I've never understood the whole glasses = smart thing, especially in kids. Back in the days before leccy lights, reading by candlelight would eventually do a number on your eyes but people with eyesight like mine would've just been seen as someone with broken eyes and burden. Probably catch a "tragic" farming accident or something. Lovely looking girl though.

Unknown said...

I only deal with in state talent, I also don't pay travel, so if she ends up in Dallas we can work a deal out.

James Wolfe said...

Three of the top ranked students in my high school were girls and I dated all three of them at one point. In college I dated smart shy girls and eventually married one. I am fairly certain in hindsight that had I dated and married one of significantly less intelligence I would have been a lot happier. Women who think too much have all kinds of mental and emotional hangups that prevent them and by extension anyone who gets involved with them from ever being happy. They over think everything, they see fault in everything including themselves, and they love to shit test you with feats of pseudo logic that would cause even Mr Spocks brain to short circuit. If I was ever so inclined to consider dating again instead of pretty and smart I would choose cute but dumb. I dated only one girl who came close to that and she was the nicest sweetest girl I ever met. Spoiled me to death. We just didn't have enough in common unfortunately.