Sunday, February 14, 2016

This is Why You Want to Work a Government Job

Skips work for 6 years and nobody notices!


One Fat Oz Guy said...

At my first job, it took them until I was there over 7 years to get me my 5 year service award. When they handed it to me I corrected the big boss handing it out when he said "it's hard to believe he's been here 5 years..."
Me: "because it's actually been 7 years".
Private company, BTW.

Mr.Fruitbaskets said...

"But the water company thought the city council was in charge of García, while the city council thought the water company was in charge of him."

You know, nothing quite says bullshit the way a "he said she said" squabble over "whose responsibility is it?" does.

Rando said...

My first job after leaving the Air Force was for a private company. I ended up being used as a grunt rather than as what I was hired for, being paid peanuts for doing dangerous work while having to put up with the boss's son. Now, I actually have a job where the job I do is what I was hired to do, and I get paid almost twice what I used to. Yeah, I'm for a free market but most private businesses and corporations are just as fucked up as the government these days.

Hell, if it weren't for the encroaching PC bullshit, seeing a good man's life destroyed by a false rape accusation, and all the pointless foreign wars being fought for the sake of the defense corporations, I'd probably have stayed in the AF.

Curt said...

When I quit the justice department the kept my job open for years. Nagging me that I could return. Etc.

I mean. What a corrupt hell hole.

Balladeer said...


Anonymous said...

It must a ghostoffice. Where were those people who were supposed to notice he did not show up? Did they show up?

Anonymous said...

I'm just surprised he has been offered a high-lever administrative position at the VA.