Thursday, February 11, 2016

Cappy's Adventures in Mexico

Took a quick trip south of the border yesterday.  Went from Phoenix, Arizona down to Puerto Penasco, Mexico.  Lot's of cacti and old people from Wisconsin dancing with trailers!

Remember kids, leave "Enjoying the Decline" to the professionals!


heresolong said...

So what did you do with your pistol? That's one of my frustrations about riding around the US, I get near a border and I can't pop across for a quick visit because I refuse to spend the whole trip without some kind of protection just to spend a day or so in Canada or Mexico. One option is to find a local hardware store on the US side and they will often check firearms for you and keep them til you get back. We used to have a local business owner here that did that, although he died a few years ago of cancer. Only problem is you have to come back at the same place you left.

Anonymous said...

You beat me to it, I was going to ask the exact same question - both for Mexico and Canada.

Didact said...

Hey Cap, given how much motorcycle riding you do, have you ever read Neil Peart's books and memoirs? He is, like you, a touring bike enthusiast who has gone on some truly epic drives all over the world. Ghost Rider: Travels on the Healing Road and Roadshow: Landscape with Drums: A Concert Tour by Motorcycle are quite good.

Anonymous said...

Leave Enjoying The Decline To Professionals ?

Sorry Capyain but some of us have ambition and don't want to resign ourselves to the decline.

What I learned in life is that it never goes as fast as you want but if you disciplune yourself and are patient enough, eventually you will get what you want.

But I am an idealist. You are obviously a down to earth practical man.

While I bust my ass, scraping and saving, you are enjoying yourself on your motorcycle. Maybe I am the stupid one for following impossible dreams when I could be doing just like you.

Thanks for the pictures. We always enjoy your trip albums.

Anonymous said...

To Anonymous 1

"But I am an idealist. You are obviously a down to earth practical man."

I'd rather be down to earth than a try hard idealist.

Anonymous said...

To Anonymous 2,

Idealism is why I wake up in the morning. Be practical all you want but realize that life has NO purpose and NO plan.

Practicality means that you adapt all the time to the shots that life calls. Idealism means that you want to call the shots.

I'm a try hard idealist, all the way to my grave. You can be down to earth but life itself is not practical.

I want to change how things work. I cannot accept them. Contrary to Aaron Clarey I am willing to confront the laws of nature, even if it means being crushed by them. If I accept how life works, I will feel defeated.

Unknown said...

You're fat.