Friday, February 26, 2016

Seemingly More Fake Rape Stories Than Real Ones

Just noticed something.  The majority of stories about rape are about false rape accusations than real rape victims.  If this is any proxy, my logical mind is only going to be forced to believe the majority of women are crying wolf and are not to be trusted.  Sorry, I just don't have any more fucks to give.


Mark Matis said...

It doesn't matter whether or not you "have any more fucks to give." They will be GLAD to make some up for you!

Dr. Dan said...

Perhaps we could start a GoFundMe effort to help you, though perhaps it would have to be a GoFuckYourself effort instead. This would have the dual benefit of raising your spirits (enabling you to Give a Fuck) and telling the lying liars to Go Fuck Yoruself.

Please, won't you help Cappy get his "I give a Fuck" back again? Just a mere $1,000 and he will be chugging Rumplemintz while reclining in a warm chair at the local pub? Exta donations will go towards a replacement liver...

(just here to help...)

john smith said...

I,and millions of other Western men, are with you. There are just no more "fucks" to give. The Frankfurt School has won by making Western males not give a shit about what was their culture. The West is dead. From its ashes a Phoenix of death and enslavement will arise. Make a drink, kick back, and enjoy the show. What other choice is there?

One Fat Oz Guy said...

Notice how they never declared the men innocent, only that there wasn't enough evidence to charge them.

OT - did you know the IT Crowd did a final episode (relatively) recently?

Anonymous said...

"Notice how they never declared the men innocent,"

Notice how there is a photo of a park, no pictures of either of the perpetrators the victim, nor the 'victim's' father, wonder why that might be?

MC said...

I still give a fuck. You can borrow some of my fucks, because I give too many.

I want to choke these bitches.

I have a husband. I have a son. They don't deserve to live in fear of false charges.

I have three daughters. I am a woman. We deserve to be taken seriously if, God forbid, we need to report and prosecute an ACTUAL RAPE.

The Women's Movement of old did good things. Things I am very grateful for.

Modern "feminists" are throwing it all away with their bullshit whiny-baby self-righteous cuntery. I hate them and wish to destroy them with my own hands, because I cherish the rights that really were hard-won by my forebears.

Mike said...

It could be that the sources you read are biased to report false accusations. Beware of confirmation bias.