Thursday, July 14, 2016

Born Again Christians Using God to Forgive Debts

You just gotta love this.

Typically millennial moron liberal arts major, going to go to "the Big NYC," fails miserably, life sucks, and then....dun dun DUUUUUUNNNNNNNN!!!!


Because "God has a plan!!!"  And "Jesus forgives me!!!"

Because, remember, if you believe in fateism, then you abdicate yourself of any responsibility!  Because it was fated to happen!  And now, the true thing that matters most in your life, your ego, was spared.  And that's worth trying to become a nun.

Too bad God can't forgive student loans.


Unknown said...

Jesus does forgive... However, there's a difference between the Justice of God and the justice of the world.

A murderer does not escape his worldly justice for the crimes he commits by finding Jesus. He still hangs according to the law, yes even the law passed down by God. It is only the guilt of judgment from God which is forgiven, and even then: repentance isn't earned simply by stating you repent. It isn't earned by action either. Repentance is only earned if you are sincere, acknowledge your sin and your failure and genuinely desire to repent of your ways.

And no, you don't gain repentance by sending me $1000. (That would fall under action anyways).

If this woman is insincere, then I pity her for her stupidity. The convent will not be a consoling place to live. While repentance is freely given, she'll still be expected to repay her fellow man; and those nuns will work her fingers to the bone to that end.

Anonymous said...

She says she has a $18,000 debt and that it will take ten years to pay off. Ten years! Surely if she's living frugally in preparation for a life devoted to God it should only take about two years. That would be enough time for her to realize that the nunnery idea was just a brain fart, and for her to go through several other fads. Islam, hippie commune, conservative housewife and back again.

Rich Fader said...

She's not trying to get out of it. She's trying to pay it. As GoFundMe drives go, there have been far stupider. Personally, I think exempting student loans from bankruptcy discharge is BS, but it is what it is.