Friday, July 22, 2016

Forget Monthly, Try Bi-Weekly

I thought monthly terrorist attacks was the new-normal leftists and Muslim terrorists wanted to impose on the West.  I guess it has to be bi-weekly now.


Anonymous said...

You are a behind the times ... it is a daily occurrence, and that is just the attacks reported in the mainstream media.

Phil B

Unknown said...

As reports, there have been over 28,000 deadly Islamic terror attacks since September 11, 2001.

41 in the past 7 days, killing over 350 people.

leeholsen said...

I totally forgot about the german train attack, I was thinking it was only once per week, it's stepped up to twice a week now !

Doing the best impression that I would think the captain might add comments on the now bi-weekly attacks.

Bi-weekly now ? Good. The freaking leftists that created this freaking mess in the first place of letting in un-freaking documented immigrants for years and decades now get a constant reminder of what they have turned their country into and get to watch it one more than a weekly basis.
Now, it'll probably take these "immigrants" blowing bits of the French people across the walls of the famous paints in the louvre museum and blowing bits of people into the Eiffel tower before enough people in Europe revolt and begin the long process of taking their country back from the pieces of craps they have let run it into the craphole it has become; but as long as these "refugees" got something going on, on a weekly basis or better; Europe will stay on the road to reversing the trend and not sitting idly by and watching as the "refugees" turn their countries into the garbage lands they came from.

Anti-Citizen Zero said...

"Ah, Gertrude, what's on your shopping list for today?"

"Let's see ... milk, eggs, beer brats, stew beef, TERROR!, aubergines, yellow onions, TERROR!, carrots, soy sauce, TERROR!, white cooking wine, TERROR!, TERROR!, and TERROR!"

"WOW, Gertrude, that's a lot of TERROR! in your diet!"

"Well, apparently Angela Merkel doesn't think we Germans get enough TERROR! in our diets!"

One Fat Oz Guy said...

Gotta love how the media keeps reporting "German born" like it's got nothing to do with his Muslim background.
Here's a thought, let's prevent the next generation of locally born terrorists by help their parents stay in their own country!