Thursday, July 07, 2016

Brian Michael Bendis and the Black Female Iron Man

I wanted to make this a separate post to ensure that Brian Michael Bendis gets this or somebody who knows him sends him this episode of my podcast.  I dedicate an entire segment to him and his decision to make Iron Man a black female.

You can listen to the podcast, but the short version is that Brian Michael Bendis is admitting he has no talent or creativity if all he can do is change the gender and race of an already existing super hero. 

This is not only tiring, but an insult to minorities because apparently Hollywood and Disney are so lacking of talent and creativity they're too lazy to create new original super heroes that are minorities.  This is not only disgraceful to the already existing super heroes, but insulting to minorities because apparently you guys think minorities don't deserve their own original super heroes.

You are a talentless hack Brian Michael Bendis, and you know it.  I, a former banker and now economist/podcaster/youtuber, could create a better original super hero than you ever could.

Now go draw your drawings and enjoy that dying industry of comic books.


Unknown said...

Wouldn't it be Iron Girl? Iron Dyke, maybe?

daniel_ream said...

Dwayne McDuffie is rolling in his grave.

leeholsen said...

I agree with you and brian, Cap.

if marvel can't come up with some new superhero if they want more minority superheroes, they should just sell themselves off to some artists in india.

and where is any tradition for however long iron man has been around and how about some loyalty to the movie iron man that probably scored marvel more money than they made in 3 decades off the comic book.

it's just another case of how sad this country is becoming. it's getting harder and harder to "Enjoy the decline", hope they legalize pot here soon to help out.

Bob Smith said...

The point of the exercise is to erase whites and men. Creating new superheroes runs counter to that imperative.

David Jravis said...

I've created plenty of superheroes.

OK, they're all on "DC Universe Online", but I bet I could do a better job then that guy.

Anonymous said...

Watch them kill the Iron Man franchise.
Iron Man was a hit as was Iron Man 2.
Iron Man 3 aka "The Iron Negress" will be the flop of all flops.

Anonymous said...

If comics weren't already dead, this is certainly the last nail in the coffin.
The days of Stan Lee and Jack Kirby died a long time ago. Truly sad.

Genericviews said...

Well, once Stark showed us in the second Iron Man that even a black man, who isn't a super-genius billionaire, can operate the suit, and in the third Iron Man that the suits don't even need anyone in them to be effective, I fail to see the point of even having Tony Stark in the series.

Why risk life and limb when you can just send out a Stark Industries robot army of Iron men?

tkdkerry said...

My very first thought was what Bob Smith said. +1 on that.

Unknown said...

Go on YouTube and search for videos that discuss the physics/technology portrayed in Superman, Batman, Flash, Spider-Man, quicksilver, etc.

It's bad enough that so many comic books (except batman) violate the laws of physics.
Comic writers are so damn inconsistent with heroes' abilities that it's no longer even enjoyable reading most comic books anyway.

One Fat Oz Guy said...

Iron Man will be a black woman, Thor will be a white woman, Captain America a black man.
Who is left? They can easily generate a She-Hulk movie from a Hill spin off. She's the only one I could agree with as she actually existed in comics.
They really won't stop until no one is going to the movies or reading the comics.

Anonymous said...

Maybe they'll turn Superman into a gay transsexual satan worshipper and Batman his lover.

Jay Nix said...

daniel_ream said...
Dwayne McDuffie is rolling in his grave.

So true, but this is a result of Marvel Studios being in the driver's seat instead of the comic book division. This change, along with the others that Oz Guy mentioned are the result of the fact the Marvel sold the movie rights to X-Men and mutants to FOX back in the early 2000's. That is where much of the diversity within Marvel Comics originated from. Without those rights, X-Men and all mutants storylines in Marvel comics have been dying a slow death, leaving Marvel to try and force diversity upon what's left.

Anonymous said...

Nailed it Captain. I heard someone say "its just a suit anyways." Really? So I guess Superman is just a cape. Not that they haven't already tried spinning off every single male superhero into a female one anyways out of laziness (batgirl, supergirl, she-hulk, spider-woman). Hell, at least they gave those different names. And none of those characters hold a chord to the originals. Its laziness and in cases like this, an insult to readers and originality. Its saying that there is nothing concrete about the characters at all and that everything is fluid which is the very opposite of having an origin or ethos...the very things that made the characters or keep them timeless. If at the core, every single thing about them is replaceable or can be substituted then what is the point. That'd be like "Hey I know, lets give Spiderman 3 claws from each hand...yeah and lets have him shoot have freezing breath because the character needs updating and who cares."