Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Don't Shoot Feminism, Let It Burn


Anonymous said...

One of your best.

I've long considered feminism the purest distillation of evil that mankind has yet refined. And like you, I have concluded that disengagement from feminists and feminism is the most powerful response.

Happily, men seem to have a per-disposition to wlak away when women's shit becomes overwhelming - it's an instinctive re-action. And we are seeing it everywhere. Interesting times.

Un Americano said...

Don't be fooled. The majority of those Not Like That women will still hold their hands out for the confiscated handouts.

leeholsen said...

Know who didn't start drooling over melinia trump during her speech and how she went on and on about her husband ?

she's gorgeous, speaks multiple languages because she wants to and not because her government makes her because the immigrants will not learn the local language and defends her man. she is a very typical eastern european woman, especially during the period trump started up with her.

Next time anyone asks me why i like eastern european women; i'm going to have them watch her speech and then watch and hillary speech and ask them which one they want to wake up next to.

Tucanae Services said...

A saving grace about feminism is that a good deal of them do not procreate hence their ideology dies with them.

Anonymous said...


"Next time anyone asks me why i like eastern european women;"

I married a nice, feminine *russian blonde about 10 years ago and raised a great family. Once you go slavic, you will never go back to any other woman. Oh, and it drives the western feminazis crazy when they see us out-and-about. They reek of envy and the hate daggers thrown at the wife are funny in-sad-Kind-of-way. Like Cappy said, "let them burn."

*Caveat emptor: Not all EE women are marriage material. Screen thoroughly.

Anonymous said...

Great commentary... live and let die... I'm certainly enjoying the decline, it seems to be gathering pace, but I always find more things happen in the middle of summer than in the middle of winter (at least here in Canada that's the case).