Sunday, July 03, 2016

Is Socialism Only for (Really Really) White People?

The latest news coming out of Venezuela surprises no one who has a basic understanding of economics, let alone common senses.  However it did jump-start a question that had been lurking in my mind before, and I'm surprised I hadn't thought of earlier:

"Is socialism/communism only for white people?"

And by white people understand I mean REALLY REALLY white people, because if you think about it, the only place "socialism" has worked (sorta), is the Nordic countries.

Latino/Hispanic Venezuela, Ecuador, and Bolivia have all gone through large swings to the left and only have a shortage of toilet paper to show for it.  Chinese communism (again, not white) only managed to kill more people during peacetime than any world war ever did.  Its smaller oriental siblings of Vietnam and Cambodia certainly didn't make a good go of communism either.  Ethiopia (again, not white) needed both Soviet money and easily-duped 1980's American kids' monies to not starve.  Greece, hee hee, Greece.  And even the Soviet Union, though pretty-darn white and even the original practitioner, was just not white enough to pull off communism successfully.

Apparently, it is only the Swedes, Finns, Norwegians, and Danes who can do socialism the justice the rest of the world can't.

But why?

First, we need to take out the obvious outlier of the group, Norway.  Again, the left loooooves rushing to Norway as the perfect place to live.  It sure is, especially since it has so much oil it sovereign wealth fund makes all of its citizens millionaires.  And remember, oil is evil...unless it's under a state owned enterprise, then you never mention it.

Second, are they really socialist?  Depending on the country you look at the government "only" spends 45%-60% of GDP leaving a whopping 55%-40% of money in the private hands of those rat bastard people.  Not pure socialism by any stretch of the imagination.

And then, let's not forget these "communist" countries not only ALLOW evil private corporations to exist, but they tax them at rates roughly half that of the US!!!  Anywhere between 20% and 25%!  Those traitors!!!

So in short, even the most successful examples of "communism" aren't communist. They're at best the exception-to-the-rule-mixed-European-model-economies.

Still, why do they succeed where every other non-REALLY-REALLY white country fail?

Well first they are racially homogeneous...for now.  Don't worry, diversity and the introduction of non-Scandinavian cultures will prove the myth of magic dirt wrong soon enough.  But for now, they are racially homogeneous.  This has nothing so much to do with their skin, but more the climate they've evolved in over the years.  No sun and cold temperatures result in very very white people.  That is a function of the climate.  But with such cold temperatures also comes short growing seasons, which forces cooperation, heavy reliance upon thy neighbor, a team spirit, and over the years, trust.  You force a people to live in that environment over the course of millennia, they will evolve both consciously and unconsciously to vote in a more socialist economic model than one where fruit and bananas are falling from trees on warm tropical beaches.

Second, this instinctual work ethic makes them unconscious dupes.  Even though the United States (and to a lesser extent, western civilization) has made the technological advances that allows the individual to work for himself, support himself, and finally be free, those precious Scandinavians just can't jettison thousands of years of environmental and social conditioning.  They are not as individualistic of a people.  They put their country and society ahead of themselves and their family.  They are genetically most borg-like because that is what resulted in survival in the past.  And a mere 250-year American experiment won't simply undo all that programming.  Therefore, not only do they enslave themselves to the rest of their own society, they're "dupey" enough they'll enslave themselves to completely different societies that largely hate them, or at least view them for the easy marks they are. 

Regardless, this willing "dupiness" is necessary for a socialist economy to work.  Everybody has to willingly value society more than themselves in order to work at the slave-like tax rates necessary to finance a communist/socialist state.  The Swedes, Norwegians, Finns and Danes on the whole are more than willing to do this, while the Greeks, Russians, Venezuelans...and pretty much the rest of the world are not. This is why "sorta socialism" works best in Scandinavia...and pretty much nowhere else.

But the thing I really get a kick out of is what this spells for our beloved western SJW's, leftists, academians, professional protestors, faux millennial intellectuals, media types, and social frauds scientists. 

A world of cognitive dissonance. 

Because along with the constant drum beat for socialism and enslaving the world's population, there's nothing more these people masturbate to than diversity and the insistence there's no such thing as culture or race or ethnicity (which ironically would be diversity).  And these two things (socialism and diversity) are mutually exclusive. 

Unless you're a REALLY REALLY white person, you simply have too much self-respect to vote in your own slavery.  You're not working for other people, you're nobody's slave, and you're going to try to keep as much of yours as possible.  Of course, this won't prevent you from voting for socialism anyway because you think you're special.  That you won't have to actually be the slave and pay the taxes. That's for other people.  And thus, unlike our Scandinavian counterparts you'll vote for socialism, but won't put forth the selfless-work ethic to make it work.  Alas, socialist hell holes like...well...all of them form.

Venezuela, Cuba, Bolivia, the Soviet Union, North Korea, East Germany, etc. etc.

All people of all colors of the rainbow just won't take communism, but they'll sure as hell vote it in.  And thus non-REALLY REALLY white people suffer.

Latinos in Venezuela.
Blacks in Detroit.
Chavs in the UK.
Chinese buried in mass-graves.
Liberal arts-majoring millennials in college campuses.

In short, the number one thing in these elitist leftists' lives, their only god, purpose, agency, and meaning in life - socialism - is bound to fail, and pronouncedly so in non-REALLY REALLY white cultures.  This is doubly destructive because not only will their ideology fail, but it will hypocritically and disproportionately harm those the left purports to love the most - non-whites.

Of course, in the end, I seriously doubt any leftist cares about socialism or non-white people.  If they did, then they'd be empiricists and bravely deliver whatever socio-economic medicine was required to truly advance their fellow human being no matter how harsh.  They instead, are largely lazy, cowardly, self-absorbed ego maniacs who put their egos above the lives of billions, insisting billions suffer, and millions die, all so they can haughtily play "social science god."  What's worse, is the majority of humanity swallows whole the slop they're serving. 

Oh well, enjoy the decline.
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Kristophr said...

Socialism only functions for about three generations, provided you start with a work ethic culture.

After the first two generations, the work ethic is gone, and it all crashes in a heap.

Sweden is starting to crash.

leeholsen said...

Better watch that are whites are better posts captain. as whitey becomes a minority in the usa and the left keeps up with its everything is the white mans fault, its possible one day the 3rd world masses that have invaded the usa for 50 years will be coming after you. please be sure to keep your gun within 3 feet of you just in case.

Weak Stream said...

Yes the Scandinavians are a bit strange. There are also not that many of them. I have a friend that lives in Denmark that's Polish and she says that the Danes don't mind being surveilled by the government one bit. She grew up in Soviet Poland and thinks the Danes are really quite strange. You'd have a war before tomorrow morning if you brought the full Scandinavian system to the US.

Tucanae Services said...

Socialism requires more discipline than capitalism. For most humans, its instinct to attempt to improve ones condition usually thru trade and work. A socialist must suppress this instinct and not realizing it fails to do so which is why socialist societies fail.

JohnC said...

Hey Captain, This is one of the best articles you have written on the topic of Socialism. Leftist love the Scandinavian countries because they can point to them for examples. My question would be for them why not move to there? You know instead of doing all the work to change their nation they could live in socialist paradise.

Anonymous said...

another interesting news:

Take The Red Pill said...

"...In short, the number one thing in these elitist leftists' lives, their only god, purpose, agency, and meaning in life - socialism - is bound to fail, and pronouncedly so in non-REALLY REALLY white cultures."

You have to remember that when they are informed and continually reminded that socialism has NEVER worked anywhere it has been tried (BUT -- for the sake of argument-- I'll accept your exception of 'Scandanavia', which has particular special conditions), their constant answer is either "That's only because it hasn't been done RIGHT!", or "It's because it hasn't been done according to MY plan!".

PS: While I was ruminating one day about how socialism has managed to continue in the Western world nowadays, it occurred to me that socialism only 'works' when it has another system (i.e., capitalism) from which it can leech its funding, with little or no accountability for how wisely those funds are spent.

Jamie MacMaster said...

The emasculation of the Swedes is certainly worth a study. What are the causes of the slow, incremental loss of societal testosterone? I mean, back in the early 70s, is it likely that the human responses which gave rise to the term "Stockholm Syndrome" could have occurred in any other city but its namesake? And when you think of it, doesn't the entire country seem to operate as if it was infected with a chronic-tending-to-terminal version of this affliction?

And I can't help but wonder that perhaps Canada is only a generation or two behind. In our last federal election sixty-two percent of the votes cast were for three socialist parties that made no secret of their support for the immediate and massive admittance of refugees with only cursory checks and balances, and the diminution of speech and property rights and the confiscation of wealth via public debt of generations present and yet to come.

Unknown said...

That is what I have always thought. The Nordic culture of hard-working racially similar folks can make socialism work--especially in "small groups" where people know their leaders. Like a large extended-family, where tasks are assigned, and privileges are doles out according to custom and rules.

Anonymous said...

There is an excellent Stefan Moleneux podcast about "Scandinavian Socialism" - which basically highlights that the work ethics of the ethnically homogeneous Scandinavians is being eroded by their large welfare states, which is something that leftists need to understand before arguing that we all need to be more like the Scandinavian countries:

Another more statistical review outlines how the Scandinavian countries aren't as wealthy as often portrayed:

The bottom line is that Scandinavian countries are not socialist. They have large welfare states but they have relatively free economies as ranked by the Economic freedom index, and as you say have much lower corporate tax rates than the US.

Anonymous said...

Hi Aaron
Agreed. I also think that because of the racial and social homogeneity as well as your "duped" premise, Scandinavians are able to use shame as a powerful force of compliance. I have several Swedish colleagues, and I have also spent some time in that country, and my perception is that there is a social stigma to not pulling your weight. There is (was? - my experience in Sweden was before the widespread immigration that now seems common) a shame (rather than pride) in being on the dole, just like there was here up until about 20 years ago. It is disappointing that we (and likely Sweden) has lost this capacity to shame socially. Peer pressure is an underestimated force, and up until 10-ish years ago, the Swedes seem to have used it effectively. Unchecked immigration combined with leftist attitudes is a bitch.

Anonymous said...

Clarey hits it out of the park once again. You're a true equal-opportunity guy, Cappy. No one, race or color be damned, is safe from your criticism.

cappy fan! said...

Plus the lefts/SJWs are busy fighting each other:

Anonymous said...


How the hell was this article a "whites are better" article? If anything, it was an article criticizing the stupidity (which is not entirely their fault) of the Scandinavians.

A.B. Prosper said...

Absolutely spot on post Cap.

Kristophr, Sweden is crashing because it has a lot of non Swede immigrants. Welfare states don't work with immigration in any case and the new immigrants aren't Scandinavian

Without the Orcs it would hold on tolerably well since everyone benefits.

Nearly all Scandinavians unconsciously follow something recently called the Law of Jante which could be described as "we are all in it together and the nail that sticks up get hammered down"

As Cappy noted are genetically collectivist simply because the behavioral genes that led to reproductive success in that region are collectivist..

The immigrants are not like that.

Anonymous said...

Short answer is YES.

That's because "socialism" is shorthand for "method for surviving really shitty winters evolved over 50,000 years in subzero climates."

Anonymous said...

when the "free chickens" run out

will reality hit here

coming soon


Anonymous said...

well Sweden is destroying their 'model' with immigrants and their welfare dependency.
Yugoslavia had it going for a while until the West decided to enhance previous conflicts to the point of war and bomb some of those factories which were not in the interest of Western capital. Ah well, nothing good lasts. Especially when the West notices something is good. lol