Saturday, July 02, 2016

But The Maths and The Stats Hurt Mommy!!!

Just a warning, the statistics will hurt lefties' feelings.

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Methodology said...

Yes, and there was a year in which Greenland had the world´s second highest killings per capita rate because someone killed two people...

I´m not a leftist nor against guns. I don´t believe in gun control efficiency (see Brazil).
But I´m calling bullshit. The article is mixing muslim terrorist attack apples with crazy no-cause shootings by insane idiots like Breivik (justly included) and highschool kids oranges. Their definition of a mass shooting is blatantly stupid: "not involving struggles over sovereignty" but not excluding muslim terrorism. So a Serbian terrorist shooting Kosovars will be excluded (Kosov sovereignity issue) while a muslim terrorist shooting journalists in France won´t.
Is there seriously anyone who believes that nuts shooting people in their own neighbourhood or highschool is the same thing as jihad terrorism?

Also the time frame comes in handy, start the same numbers in 2000 and you ´ll see a different picture (which of course may be the most interesting realization one can make thanks to the article: it shows a dangerous European trend).