Monday, July 18, 2016

Traits are No Substitute for Accomplishments

If you've been paying attention, you've noticed an increased amount of insanity in the population.  This insanity manifests itself in many ways, resulting in a relentless onslaught of what is seemingly an incoherent potpourri of madness.

31 flavors of pansexual genders.
Why everybody else has "privilege" and should let blood for those who don't.
Interstates blocked by Black Lives Matters (though it is seemingly only white people).
Majoring in the world's easiest, but most worthless degrees...and then expecting a banker-like bailout.
Feminists carrying mattresses as they throw out false rape accusations.
Leftists getting raped by Muslim invaders...and doing nothing about it.
Priding oneself on going green as we ban plastic bags and Styrofoam.
Claiming we're black or native American when we're not.
Blaming your poverty, student loans, illegitimate children, and STD's on "CIS-gendered white males."

And the list goes on and on.

But while to the untrained eye there doesn't seem to be any logical rhyme or reason to this insanity, there is most certainly is.  And once you figure that out, it not only grants us sanity by explaining precisely what is going on, it also allows us to actually attack the problem, and hopefully, resolve it.

The first clue you should have is that NONE of this is coming from the political right.  Triggly Puff, the student loan crisis, mattress girl, blaming Orlando on Christians, refusing to report your Muslim rapist, and accepting a monthly terrorist attack as "the new normal" are ALL, 100% the hallmarks and patents of the left.  You don't see the engineer-majoring sons from nuclear families who likes Ronald Reagan demand the taxpayers bail them out of their stupid mistakes.  You don't see the daughters from father-present families who want to perhaps get married and raise a stable family get raped and then not accuse her rapist.  And you don't see your recent trade-school graduate who landed a job as welder block traffic on an interstate like his 40 year old leftist counterparts.  This insanity, and that's PRECISELY what it is, is all owned by the left.

Now we can simply write them off as being leftists and, therefore because we disagree with them politically, flippantly dismiss them and say, "well, they're just crazy."  But the truth is there is something much more pathological happening here.  And that is my "Universal Theory of How Laziness Explains Everything in Politics and History."

It is no coincidence the cacophony psychotic behavior of today hails from the left, because...well...quite simply...they're lazy.

They don't want to work.
They don't want to study hard subjects.
They don't want to try at life.

Be it Barack Obama or the spoiled suburbanite Seattle scum panhandling in Pioneer Square, the left is simply lazy and doesn't want to work.

But, unlike a truly indifferent welfare bum, who just wants to collect his government cheese, sleep in and play video games, the majority of leftists cannot abide that fact mentally.  Their pride and ego cannot live with the fact that they are nothing more than parasites.  But since their laziness and sloth prevents the obvious solution (work), how do they solve this problem?

With the insanity and mental acrobatics mentioned above.

If you look at the list above (or for that matter ANY example of craziness coming from the left) the one thing they have in common is deflecting responsibility.

That black woman isn't poor because she never graduated from high school, or had 4 kids from 5 different fathers, or never gets off her fat ass to attend trade school and make something of herself.  Not, it's "racism."

The student with $200,000 in student loans for her doctorate in "Women's Studies" can't find a job NOT because she's a worthless, self-absorbed narcissist who was just too lazy to do math.  No, it's "sexism."

And anybody who isn't doing well in life, either because they don't show up to work on time, majored in a stupid subject, can't save money, can't find a second job, etc. etc., certainly DON'T blame it on their lack of work ethic.  No, blame it on "the corporations maaaaan!"

These pretty lies they tell themselves spare their undeserving egos the truth that would otherwise crush them.  They have no agency or responsibility in their lives.  Their problems are ALWAYS somebody else's fault.  So all is forgive and they can feel good about themselves.  But whereas this mental-trick falsely absolves them of guilt, their egos, pride, and mania can't just settle for a guilt-free parasitic lifestyle.  No, they need more.  They need a purpose.  And not just more, but something that makes them superior WITH the added benefit of not having to work.

Introduce traits.

Traits are an amazing thing.  Everybody has them.  Each trait is unique to oneself.  And you can even identify yourself with traits.  But the one thing about traits leftists have seized upon like a lamprey is that....

you're born with them.

In other words, you don't have to do anything to get them.

And that's PRECISELY why the left champions traits over genuine accomplishment.  Because they don't have to work for them.

For example; "diversity."

The biggest canard I believe I will ever see in my life is the concept of "diversity."  Starting in the 90's they shoved this down our throats claiming that somehow "diversity" had an intrinsic value unto itself.  Common senses says it doesn't.  Reality says it doesn't.  And it's also immoral, racist, and sexist to place value on mere traits one was born with over others without said traits.  Still, this hasn't stopped the education system, government, media, even the private sector from capitalizing off of this lie either to garner votes, or use as a faux marketing campaign.  The democrat party has masterfully enslaved their voting bloc by dividing the country up via traits.  It has also (quite unbelievably) gotten the idiot sheeple masses to blame ALL their problems on white males.  And whereas you'd think/hope the for-profit private sector would resist this, they've instead capitalized on it using it as a means to virtue signal their pro-not-white-male credentials to get lazy sheeple to buy their crap.

Another example: "pansexuality."

I lost count after 38, but if you're confused about the ever-increasing numbers of gender, don't be.  It's just lazy leftist psychopaths who don't want to work, and instead pin their entire life's value on their recently-made up gender identity.  Of course, if you grab a mirror, put it in front of their faces, and point this fact out, they'll throw a temper-tantrum and scream that you're an "ist" of some kind.  But their emotional theatrics aside, doesn't make it any less true, just more cowardly.

And then there's leftist religions.

Like a zealot or religious fanatic, leftist fanatics worship and use their made-up religions to fill the hole of nothingness that is otherwise known as their life.  This is why you NEVER see the captain of the football team with a 3.8GPA join the "anarchist/marxist/minarchist" trench-coat wearing, movie-theater-shooting, nerd crowd.  Or the studious Asian engineering major block the interstate near campus.  They have lives.  They have meaning.  They have purpose.  They have agency.  They have value to the rest of society.

But again, those things require work, effort, rigor, math, and intellectual honesty.

Ergo, why do all that hard stuff when you can just claim a religion?

You're a feminist!
You're going green!
You eat only organic/non-GMO/gluten-free/whateverthefrickthey'llcomeupwithnextweek!
You're fighting racism!
You're helping the poor!
You're a pacifist!
You have a ADDHDHHDH Autism or Aspergers are bi-polar or whatever you want to tell yourself. 

You can claim allegiance to any one of an increasing number of bogus leftist religions and simply wear that trait on your sleeve like a badge of honor.  And the best thing about it, so AWESOME in fact that leftists masturbate to it, is...

you didn't have to expend one calorie of energy on work to get it.  You simply "declared" you had this trait or believed this religion.  And now, not only does your worthless life have faux-worth.  You are a more intelligent, superior person to those troglodytes who don't understand "intersectionality."

Of course, there are consequences for being veritably delusional and living a life of lies.  The black community has made no progress to close the gaps with whites because they value their egos more than the taxing lifestyle it would take to have legitimate children, keep a father in the house, major in the right subjects, and bear responsibility for their actions.  Generations of blacks have now suffered the lowest standards of living in America for living this lie.

Women, notably of the Baby Boomer and increasingly Gen X variety, swallowed whole the "you can have it all" propaganda, throwing away their lives...not to mention shot at having a family or husband...all so they could get that masters degree and become a professional non-profit something or other at the age of 40.  These women also voted to replace men with the state, essentially wedding themselves to government.  This is all well and fine as long as you remain attractive and your eggs remain fertile.  But when that ends, and reality comes crashing down, it's sad how quickly they scramble to validate the feminist lives they've led by simply telling themselves more lies.  40 is the new 20!  Test-tube babies!  MILF's and Cougars!  When, frankly, it just means nobody's visiting you in a nursing home in the end.

But where the delusional lives of leftists run into reality full-force and there is carnage on top of consequences, is when leftists meet diversity in the form of Islamic culture.  The monthly scheduled French attacks, Orlando, refugee workers getting raped, Malmo, Cologne - be it merely a butt being groped or 50 innocents slaughtered, leftist voting and leftist delusion is to blame.

But here you see just how deep their mental illness goes.

If you, I, or anybody else were attacked, we'd seek vengeance, retaliation, and justice. I carry a gun, and like Creasy, I'm intending to get at least 6 before I get taken down.  But what has the response of the left been?

In the case of Orlando, some leftists (though not all), blame guns, blame racism, they even blame Christians.  In the increasing number of cases where some leftist idiot bint is raped they fail to mention who their rapists were.  And some politicians are so wedded to their ideology when the perpetrator is NOT a Muslim they use it as a means to score more political points with Muslims.  And while certainly some of this insanity could be chalked up to the fact they're more afraid of Muslims than they are non, the truth is even more pathetic and sad than that.

They lack such meaning, purpose, and reason in life,
They are such worthless, pointless people,
That when their ideology rapes them, or even kills them,
They will still stand by it because...

that's all they have life.

It appalls me just how powerful the force of laziness is.  Where you see millions of people, entire generations waste their lives, endure hardship, seeth in hatred for white males, even suffer rape and murder because they'd rather do that than own up to their own decisions, take responsibility, and get a job.  But there is a silver lining.  If you ever think it's hard being a conservative or libertarian is this increasingly parasitic world, just imagine what your life would be as a leftist who is so worthless that they'd prefer getting raped than giving up their ideology because you literally have nothing else in your life.

Enjoy that decline!
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Anonymous said...

And the less communist ones just want to be famous and rich without expending the necessary energy. Most live in a video game world instead of learning a foreign language or mastering a musical instrument.

Anti-Citizen Zero said...

"... spoiled suburbanite Seattle scum panhandling in Pioneer Square ..."

There was one, however, who was far from spoiled, and I met him in my travels in Seattle during the early 2000s.

He'd worked with some of the pioneers of the Internet, including some of the people who were responsible for its standardisation. While doing this, he earned a paltry engineer's pay cheque, which was more than customary in the 1970s, and it was while he was doing this that he was led to a brilliant scheme that would let him maintain his standard of income while improving his standard of living.

He made a bet with himself that he could earn at least as much as he did as an engineer, and perhaps even more than that, if he would simply become a street beggar.

And so he did, and so he won his bet with himself, but what he discovered was that he soon had an excess of liquid assets.

Wisely he moved to Seattle where there were even more guilt-ridden suburbanite commuters and people who we now refer to as SWPLs, and it was there he decided that he could make even more money the lazy way: by investing it.

The last we'd talked, he owned a building of some significance in Seattle's downtown district, but that he was in the process of selling it so he could retire to somewhere considerably sunnier.

Don't make the mistake of confusing laziness with a lack of industry.

Jim said...

Dan Carlin's last Common Sense podcast asked a great question. Something like what do we do with the losers. In the before time, before globalization and automation, there was a place for the low skilled, low IQ, unimaginative dimwits in our society. They could live perfectly satisfying middle class lives putting widget A into slot B.

Now we have a society that requires intelligence, creativity, and hardwork to reach the desirable lifestyle. The factory jobs are gone and they are not coming back. Even if protectionism picks up and factories move back to the US, those assembly lines will be manned by robots.

So, what do we do with the losers? They are not going away. They are not going to be happy on welfare. They have already turned violent.

Henry said...

Anonymous said...

That is the key word to understanding leftists.
As in they will never take responsibility for their actions and screwups or take responsibility for their own lives.

Unknown said...

Most of the Christians in my country and pretty much all of the christian institutions have wholeheartedly adopted leftism as their new auxiliary ideology ... They have mistook the kingdom of heaven for the welfare state and even talk on national TV about how refugees are welcome and HOST ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS as if that's some great virtuous thing to do.

Unknown said...

Most of the Christians in my country and pretty much all of the christian institutions have wholeheartedly adopted leftism as their new auxiliary ideology ... They have mistook the kingdom of heaven for the welfare state and even talk on national TV about how refugees are welcome and HOST ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS as if that's some great virtuous thing to do.

Unknown said...

Awesome rant Aaron...

So true.

Pure gold as usual. The screwed up world is your inspiration.

The internet is your canvas.

PoCoTex said...

It could very well be laziness. It could be.

What if the laziness, though, is caused by a pointless life? When one has no ultimate goal for one's life, one tends to drift and lose focus. Oh, one might make things up, e.g., money, power, control (all legitimate or otherwise).

Ultimately, though, one begins to realize: What's the point? Why should one do all this?

Ever read the Bible's Ecclesiastes?

Anonymous said...

Succient and clear post Aaron.

I wanted to respond to a few of your observations, but will keep it short from simply one: "If you ever think it's hard being a conservative or libertarian is this increasingly parasitic world.."

It is, but I find it easy enough to fight back buy not feeding parasites. Don't tank up at CITGO, don't do holidays in muslim countries, note the companies that hate conservatives and stop giving them business, do NOT donate to charaties until you thoroughly vetted them, etc... Most important, do not give parasites your time. It is the biggest personal asset people completely own. Do not listen to them in person or on TV. Keep moving and use your time to build on your personal interests or wealth (but you already know this).

Anonymous said...

I love the word "agency" in that context.

"Progressives" desire a legacy.
Conservatives desire an agency.

Anonymous said...

We truly do live in amazing times. Where work is devalued and uncool, and being lazy is "cool". I guess I'm uncool, which is fine with me. All one has to do is to look at our current occupier of 1600 PA Ave., NW, Wash, DC 20002. He is one lazy-azzed person. But I digress. Kids, even today in our crappy 2.0% GDP annualized growth economy, those who work can make a go of it. It's not easy at all, you will have to hustle to make an honest buck, but it is worth it. Don't follow these lazy azzes, they are the incompetent sheeple for the decline, which is coming.

Anonymous said...

Great post. Liberalism in its present form is comprised of tribes of disenfranchised losers that have banded together and turned their collective inferiority into a source of strength and profit through the virtue of victimhood. Is it any wonder that "fat shaming" became a thing in an era when 2 out of 3 American adults are considered overweight? These fatties got together on Facebook and declared, "hey, we're the majority here, no one can tell us to be healthy."

Joe Richards said...

Great Post Cappy!

Glad to see you made it big time and quoted on Instapundit.

Anonymous said...

You make some good points but are utterly wrong on this.:

"You have a ADDHDHHDH Autism or Aspergers are bi-polar or whatever you want to tell yourself."

Autism and Asperger's are real things and they are genuine disabilities. I have a son with autism and know what I am talking about.

Charlotte said...

I'm currently reading My Antonnia by Willa Cather, written in 1918 and found this quote with regard to liberal cranks ... I have found Mrs. Cutters all over the world; sometimes founding new religions, sometimes being forcibly fed-easily recognizable, even when superficially tamed.
So this crap was even happening back in 1918!

Micha Elyi said...

"Ergo, why do all that hard stuff when you can just claim a religion?"

Those aren't religions, they're only trivial superstitions.

Anonymous said...

Fantastic article, I am on board with 99% of what you wrote. My only nit is that I wouldn't lump the autism and aspergers issue in there. Almost everyone probably knows someone with it. It is a horrific condition or disease, or whatever you want to call it. It is not a leftist religion. I know, my son has it.

Captain Capitalism said...

For those of you with children that have ADD/Asp/Aut, yes, I know.

What about the remaining 80% of the kids who are either faking it or their parents/teachers just don't want to discipline the kid?

Anonymous said...

^where's that statistic coming from? There are clinically established ways to test for autism/ADD that can't be faked.

MagicalPat said...

After over 20 years of living in L.A. and spending most of my time surrounded by show biz people, i noticed this frequently. I didn't call it laziness, but that's as good a word as any.

So many were in favor of free health care, rent control, etc, that it dawned on me that they just didn't want to get real jobs. It was more desirable to pursue your art, but what to do about those pesky needs?

Easy! Push for free stuff for everyone, which conveniently includes you. You get to morally preen about how benevolent you are toward those less fortunate,, but the real goal is to sleep in till noon. Then go on auditions and hope to land a sit-com. If you fail....well then Uncle Sam should take care of you using money confiscated from people who work 60 hours a week.

So, it's laziness..

Nate Whilk said...

"blaming Orlando on Christians"

And Republicans.

Bandit said...

It's counterculture from the 60's - if you don't achieve drop out and whine about it

B.Kline said...

I've been reading this guy, he has a different/interesting take on it. curious what you think:

Anonymous said...

can you make your next post about the right wing's psycho, social, economic raping as well or are you all bark and no bite?