Tuesday, July 05, 2016

Eat, Pray, Divorce, Die of Old Age

Is there any way to prevent this veritable baby boomer poison from ruining the lives of younger women?  I mean I know these old hags have really fucked their lives up to the point it's unsalvagable, but for the youth that still have futures, any way to inoculate them against this snake oil?  Or does the dream override reality and I should just say, "Fuck it, Enjoy the Decline?"


Anonymous said...

Yes, there is a way to inoculate the younger against the poison.

Become the kind of man who can cherish and guide younger women, and teach younger men to do the same.

Too many men handed over their nads in return for 24/7 porn, sports, games, and dope.

wwmike said...

Technically the baby boom ended in the USA in 1964
This skank is not a baby boomer
On this one we are not guilty

Anonymous said...

Born 1969 so squarely Gen X, not a Boomer. But either way, an addled, meddling hag.

I just enriched you by five bucks, buy yourself something purty.

liberranter said...

I don't think that this stupid, narcissistic skank is going to be ruining any more lives but her own. Reading the blogosphere and news site comments from a wide cross section of the reading public as evidence, Lizzy Gilbert is seen almost universally as at best a deluded moronette and at worst a selfish cunt who deserves all the misery she'll soon have coming to her. Apparently even otherwise terminally gullible millennialettes aren't buying her self-indulgent bullshit either.

If Lizzy is stupid enough to write another book thinking that she can duplicate the success of the first one (which apparently is belatedly now being recognized for the literary shitpile that it has always been), she'll be in for a very rude awakening.

Lizzy might wanna find an old resume and start updating it. Unless she parked some of the royalties from Literary Shitpile Number One and the equally shitpile film it spawned into some high-yield off-shore investments, she'll be punching a time clock again soon.

Tucanae Services said...

Actually she looks a little young to be a Boomer. More like a GenXer.

leeholsen said...

Captain, I think good news is coming for the smart men.

You have heard about the sugardaddy sites that are increasing. For smart men, I see a future where you can essentially order the woman that you want for a couple of week or a month, then right about the time you're getting tired of her; she's out and youre probably good for 6 months before you need one again.
I can see it coming and I am looking forward to it. I can see tattoos on women on a decline because they don't sell well and larger boobs and more blondes coming.