Monday, July 25, 2016

The Muslims Can't Invade Fast Enough

And then a piece of me asks, "Does this country even deserve to be around anymore?"


leeholsen said...

Saw that story on the bathrooms, must be a good place to cruise children if you are a pedophile.

Monday night was a free for all, literally. They were ready to give everyone anything they ever wanted for free. Makes one wonder how democrats can even balance a checkbook or keep their credit card balance from defaulting.
Oh, that's right; the country is now experiencing record credit balances and credit defaults that in some cases even rival 2007. I suppose the country is living just fine in the era of virtual reality money.

liberranter said...

Well, hey, Cappy, just consider the venue and the event.

But, yeah, I too sometimes find myself thinking that maybe Wahhabi Islam is onto something...

Nicht Verfuegbar said...

Wanna see something funny? Something so cliche you just can't think that its for real?

In debt single mom uses crowd funding to go to the DNC as a Delegate, because otherwise just those evil rich people make decisions.

Anonymous said...

women are terrorists now: