Wednesday, July 13, 2016

The Feminist Dream Realized!

I'm betting:

No husband
No children
No life
No friends

But she's got a career and a ton of you-go-girlism Moxie!!!!!!


RedX said...


Anonymous said...

sounds like you. Aaron, you're actually a feminist.

daniel_ream said...

But she's got a career

Not any more she doesn't.

She was terminated from her position at Montefiore Medical Center in the Bronx.

liberranter said...

This stupid cunt is damned lucky she wasn't killed on the spot (the pigs have killed mundanes for a whole lot less provocation than what she pulled).

FUCK YOU, Rachel Wellner, for making me sympathize with cops!

The hospital firing her was just icing on the cake. Anyone wanna wager that the bitch will file a wrongful termination lawsuit?

One Fat Oz Guy said...

Interestingly we don't know why she was fired. Otherwise, she also doesn't have a job now, so no excuse for talking to cops like that next time.

charpaddy said...

Wow. A doctor, no less. She sure has an exaggerated opinion of herself.

She is nominally attractive, but her attitude and heart make her very, very ugly.

What a witch. You can almost see the broom she could have ridden into court. :)

Anonymous said...

My ex gf was a doctor but the complete opposite of this one. She was always very careful to make sure she never got in any sort of trouble. Termination from here job was likely if she did anything that violated "community standards". This chick was way out of line. Anyone wan't some one with a lack of control like this performing surgery? I think not.

Firing was 100% justified.