Monday, February 26, 2007

I Contribute to Charity, I Contribute to GDP

GDP growth is volatile. Can't really discern any trends just looking at RGDP growth. It gives you a headache.

So I happened upon this older chart of mine where I took the rolling 20 year average of GDP growth to kind of get a "generational average" economic growth rate (the last date is in 1994 which includes data from 1984-2004).

Confirming once again that the WWII Generation is the Greatest Generation, and the two successive generations are just the "lamest" generation.


DMKhldibo said...

So, capt

out of boredom, I tried to look up "Captain Capitalism" on

did you know you can add yourself in???

Captain Capitalism said...

Ha! Well, it's kind of like Google Adsense. I'm not going to click my own advertisements to make myself feel popular. Same with Wiki, if somebody wants to put me up there, I will not stop them. But there's just something fake about putting yourself up there.