Thursday, February 01, 2007

Operation Ireland

I had this cunning plan that I'd move to Ireland, enjoy their low tax status and gain citizenship by marrying a gorgeous Irish lass and launch a global corporation I have an idea for.

Then I started researching their property markets there.

Cripes! I need the dollar to rebound something fierce!

However, this did remind me of a thought I had.

While the prices may be prohibitive, a country, county, city or state that has such high prices innoculates itself against a whole bevy of societal ills in that it keeps the criminals and non-wealth producers/parasites out of the region. This results in lower crime and other benefits, but if you are allowed to go and work and are surrounded by other people who are allowed to go and work, and nobody's there asking for a handout because they're all too busy working, then an economy to scale takes place and the ability for somebody to make enough money to live there, increases dramatically as well as the wealth producing region of the entire economy (Luxembourgh I often think like this). So kind of in a reverse PPP adjusting sort of way, those prices are maybe not that unaffordable.

The trick is to get in...of course I can't afford it...which makes me one of those parasitic schleps.


Alfred T. Mahan said...

Why do you think Eire really, REALLY doesn't want the PIRA/Sinn Fein to "come South"? It's not because they're a bunch of Marxist thugs dedicated (supposedly) to overthrowing the Republic, it's because the system they (SF/PIRA) have set up in the Six Counties in Northern Ireland is a welfare state paradise that would be a huge anchor on Eire's economy right now.

This way they can laugh at Britain all the way to the bank, which is the best revenge, after all.

Anonymous said...

Maybe we can send some of our lovely socialist politicians and do-gooders over there to preach the virtues of things like "income equality" and affordable housing in order to prey on their guilt for being achievers (I was going to say "white guilt" - but I think that pandemic is specific to the US).

Their works may give you entree to Ireland, but at that point you probably wouldn't want to live there.

Anonymous said...

What makes you think that criminals do not produce wealth and that all non-wealth producers/parasites are criminals?
Children, undoubtedly non-wealth producing (I won't use the word parasite here due to its negative connotations) are usually not criminals. The United States government classifies illegal immigrants as criminals since they are breaking laws, but the vast majority of them work very hard. Most societies classify people who make drugs as criminals, but I would argue that anybody who runs a meth lab is probably pulling in good money (although it really isn't ethical.) Does that make him/her a non-producer? Is that "production" really that different from the money RJ Reyonlds makes? (Granted, smoking isn't as harmful as meth, but cigarettes still produce without any beneficial effects.)


Anonymous said...

May I suggest Irish Singles Network. And they will dance with you when you ask.

Captain Capitalism said...

Excellent point about the black market, and yes there is wealth production there, but that still brings in crime (which, being a libertarian I wouldn't really consider crime).

Regardless, I still think there is an innoculating effect if you get to a certain threshold which then boosts your ability to grow because you are not being held down by the dreggs of society (not included in there would be the various underground economies)