Thursday, February 01, 2007

Perfect Example of Leftist Media Bias; Exxon

OK, so this is the headline at CNN (and Drudge even)

What gets me is that 4th quarter earnings were DOWN from the previous year AS ONE WOULD EXPECT SINCE THE PRICE OF OIL HAS DROPPED SO MUCH!!!

But nobody seems to point that out, this common sensical relationship between the profits a commodity company makes and the price of the commodity company.

I guarantee you with the low price of oil for the 1st quarter in 2007 we will not see;

"CNN NEWS FLASH, EXXON MOBIL'S PROFITS TANK IN 1ST QUARTER 2007! Big Environmentalists Suspected, Bush Foresakes Big Oil!"

Because that does not play to the conspiracy theories of "Big Oil" of the left.

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