Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Predicting Hugo Chavez

Everybody has boogie men.

To radical muslims the boogie man is Israel and the US.

To dictators like Kim Jong Il and Amehdinijad it's the US again.

To sociology majors who can't find a job it's "the corporations maaaaan!"

To Liberals it's George Bush.

Every group out there that has problems that are largely brought about by themselves and their own actions like to blame other people for those problems. And particularly dictators.

Hugo Chavez will be no exception.

Hugo is implementing full blown communism now and the symptoms of it are already beginning to show, most recently;

Shortages and inflation.

So before Venezuela goes down the toilet and when the price of oil tanks, I want everybody to know that I, along with any astute observer of politics and human nature, predict, that Hugo to stay in power will (like radical imams and clerics, Kim Jong Il, and the bevy of other fear mongers, liars and scoundrels) will blame his own messy bed on the US.

His accusations will become more conspiratorial in nature. They will become more outlandish. There will be accusations of the US sending spies in to destabalize the economy.

I have highlighted that sentence for I want to be able to say in a couple years, "see I told you so" and so that you lefties out there who love Hugo will have to look into the mirror and realize, like most other people, that you are the root and cause of most of your problems.

You are the boogie man.


Alfred T. Mahan said...

A couple of years? You are a pessimist. I give Hugo a year, tops, before he starts railing against the Yanqui devils. I likewise give him about another five before a counter-revolution topples him, since there's only so much the country can take before they just shoot him in the grand tradition of Latin American caudillos.

Anonymous said...

Yep, sure as the sun gonna rise.

The_Bad said...

I think you are giving lefties more credit than they deserve. You will never be able to tell them “I told you so” because either

(a) They will continue to support the Communist Chavez no matter how looney he gets. Quite possibly, the more looney he gets, the more they will support him.

(b) If they change their opinion, they will claim that they always thought he was a loon and Bush didn't do a damn thing about him.

Unfortunately, you must remember that when debating a liberal, you must first remove reason and accountability from the equation.

Kasia said...

Actually, I think the boogeyman to capital-l Liberals is Stephen Harper. The boogeyman to lower case-l liberals is G.W. Bush.

Just a nitpick. But I think you're dead on about Chavez. :-) (And I'm sitting on my hands to refrain from correcting your spelling of the name of the president of Iran. In fairness, it's a ridiculously hard name to spell.)

Paul E. Zimmerman said...

I agree with the_bad about not being to say "I told you so" to the leftists. They will simply brush you off with their standard excuse for the failures of such regimes:

"Well, you see, it didn't work only because true socialism hasn't been tried yet..."

Anonymous said...

That article could have described virtually any situation where the gov't tries to hold prices below market value. You could substitute the word coffee with any commodity from health care to gasoline and the story would be exactly the same... shortages, empty shelves, black market, gov't goons threatening producers.

These people just never learn. I know nothing about economics, but I can grasp the simple fact that if you hold the price of someting too low, you're gonna run out of it.

There is a delicious irony in a coffee shortage in a South American country.

Anonymous said...

"I know nothing about economics, but I can grasp the simple fact that if you hold the price of someting too low, you're gonna run out of it."

I'd say that you know at least one more thing than most politicians. As for the irony, it is indeed sweet. Of course, once they nationalize the coffee industry (and give the government an incentive to raise prices through the roof) they'll celebrate what a wonderful success the government has been and use that as further justification for stealing things en masse.