Monday, November 09, 2015

7 Articles Later and I Still Don't Know What Missouri's President Wolfe Did

It kept coming up on my damn twitter and other social media until I finally broke down and said, "Alright, fine, I'll look into this.  What thef@ck is going on with this guy "Wolfe" at the University of Missouri?"

And seven articles and 45 finite minutes of my life later, I still don't know.

Oh, I know he resigned as well as the chancellor.
I know the student group 1950 had posted a list of tyrannical and racist demands that would make any self respecting and prospective student refuse to attend.
And I know the college sportzball team was instrumental in getting these events to transpire.

But the KEY question I was trying to answer has still gone unanswered.

Precisely what the hell did President Wolfe do that was so drastic and bad that he AND the chancellor resigned, not to mention the entire university system is now forcing "diversity training" on their students?

I was expecting him to have used a genuine racial slur.  Perhaps assaulted a minority student.  Maybe got caught banging a freshman during orientation.


The best answer I could find was "he didn't respond to some racial issues on campus fast enough."  Seriously, that's the official reason for all this hubbub.  He didn't handle a CLAIM that a young black man was called racial slurs while on campus and a feces swastika was smeared on a door.

So now I (along with the rest of you) have to ask ourselves, what is the likely scenario?

1.  President Wolfe was SOOOO incompetent that he was unaware of the Stasi-level culture of political correctness and race-victimization in today's college campuses that he let two SERIOUS claims like that go unanswered and uninvestigated?


2.  Political correctness, victimization, and crusaderism have so infected today's millennial and college campus generations that they are professional and feral victims, constantly on the search for a reason to whine and claim they're oppressed because (ultimately) they're too damn lazy to work and think majoring in real subjects is beneath them?

Any one with half a brain knows it is the later (whether they have the balls to admit that or not, however, is another matter).

Now, of course, I could be completely wrong.  Maybe it was in the 8th article I would have read that I'd find out he blackmailed the entire black sorority on campus to flunk them out if they all didn't sleep with him.  Perhaps he stalled, or refused to investigate, which I could understand would lead to his resignation.  But if all the students and left have is "he didn't handle racial tensions on campus well," FOAD.  You're not fooling me.  Try your little "woeisme victim game" on John Boehner or some other ballless republican. 

The truth is that this is simply another (and ballsy) play on the left to use false racism and victimization to provide the rationalize for further brainwashing and indoctrination of America's youth in the bottleneck of college we force them to go through.  It is secondarily a BLATANTLY CLEAR aim for the worthless tranches of academians, professors, professional activities, and worthless-major-graduate students to get more funding to create make work jobs such as "diversity counselors," "professors," "advisors," and "directors."

Again, at any point in time, prove me wrong.  I want to see what Mr. Wolfe did wrong and will certainly celebrate his resignation.  Otherwise this is nothing more than what the left always does - bitch and whine while excelling at cowardice.
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أفلاك الأفكار said...

Lol Cappy you're gunna love this:

Basically it's how a Mass Communications assistsnt professor (who is of course protesting with the students) was blocking a cameraman from filming the protest and even called for some 'muscle' to get him out of there.

Really exposes these people as exactly what you've been saying for years.

TroperA said...

I'm sure none of the people who were rounded up during Stalin's purges had any idea why they were being hauled off to the Gulag Archipelago either. "Not being sufficiently enthusiastic about kowtowing to the SJW's demands" seems to be the primary crime being committed here.

Any wonder why so many of these "racial incidents" turn out to be hoaxes? For a slight amount of risk, you could reap big rewards or get the greatest SJW prize of all: taking a powerful white man's scalp. And even if the incidents did happen, incidents like that happen all of the time on college campuses. It's called "forcing a bunch of young, drunk idiots to live in close proximity to each other". You're bound to have a couple of crazies on campus or a couple of stupid kids get wasted and yell transgressive epithets at a party. It's not a sign of systemic racism. (And I can't believe the sports team--the most coddled, most beloved group of students on campus--is instigating this.)

I'm starting to get genuinely scared here. We've had Professor Catladies screeching about systemic "isms" for decades now. But now it seems they're getting their hands on some real power. This can't be good....

TroperA said...

Oh and here's the kicker: not only are these protesting student athletes the most coddled group on campus, they're a bunch of crimials and thugs to boot:

"Missouri had 63 criminal cases involving 46 athletes [between 2009 and 2014]. Twelve athletes were involved in more than one incident, Outside the Lines found, and Missouri had the second-highest number of allegations of sexual assault, violence against women, and harassment. Florida State had the most" ~ESPN

I don't see the feminists lining up to denounce these "gentle giants" as rapists and womenhaters, (although they'll be more than happy to drag some hapless engineering student in front of the College Inquisition for not filling out the proper number of "Yes Means Yes" forms before a weekend, off-campus sexual encounter.)

Norok said...

I went through the *exact same* mental exercise. I controlled for liberal bias via sources. I looked for any blogs for rumors. Nothing.

I thought we had hit peak BLM after the Texas cop shooting. Maybe I was wrong.

At the end of the day; I concluded it was a power grab. In the declining popularity of BLM in the state with the most momentum they decided to try to make a white person of power apologize and lose his position over their *feelings*.

Michael said...

gotta laugh at the dirty protest swastika tho. i mean, what meaning did they think they were conveying, it makes no sense, it's wonderful.

Unknown said...

Hey, Cappy,

This would not have happened had not the football team threatened to strike. The SEC gives the university twenty million dollars a year for the team to play its schedule. Once the money boys saw that going down the drain they told the prez to take a hike. Money talks. Bullcrap leftism walks and walks and walks . . . into oblivion.

That's what they won't tell you. Like Deep Throat said, "Follow the Money!" Always.

The time to roll over for these leftists has long past. Companies across the fruited plain are being harassed and challenged in the media. It's time they stop capitulating and take these cretins to court where they can be put under oath and asked questions. I'll be there will popcorn and diet coke in hand!

The courts are the great equalizers.

Best regards,

Unknown said...

The rich want to divide and conquer the population to reduce the power of regular people. A lot of these things are exaggerated to get out of doing real work. There are powerful media and business interests which profit from this kind of thing. There is no racism in America and that is just an excuse to justify low IQ and savage behaviour. Does anybody truly believe there is 'racism' in these mega politically correct and rigid universities? It is just another media attack on white people.

Anonymous said...

And they wonder why famous comedians like Seinfeld and Chris Rock won't play college campuses anymore.

Unknown said...

"Click holds a PhD in Communication and focuses her research on “popular culture texts and audiences, particularly texts and audiences disdained in mainstream culture,” according to her faculty page. Her current research projects include “50 Shades of Grey readers” and “the impact of social media in fans’ relationship with Lady Gaga.”"


Anonymous said...

Because despite what you think CoC, race matters. Tom Wolfe is being thrown to the wolves because he is White and the negros have the power to ruin his life

Robert What? said...

And yet and yet, kids still keep going there and parents keep sending them there. Personally I applaud the goings on at U of M. It would be great to see them and more universities melt down in flames of internecine Maoist SJ Warfare. We need to train the fast-food robot dusters of the future.

Jay Nix said...

What I love is the fact that you know the Univ. President was steeped in leftist ideology and grievance politics. Thus making his resignation an act of cannibalism.

Anonymous said...

Well, Cappy, you're not alone. I was watching Morning Joe this morning (so I'm a masochist) and neither Scarborough or Eugene Robinson knew what Wolfe had done to deserve demands for his resignation. Both wondered aloud, and Scarborough had the same experience you did. After reading numerous reports he had no idea what misdeed Wolfe had done. your take on this is spot-on.

Anonymous said...

You can write scenarios and use a bit of sarcasm and spiffy questions, but the fact is, the left and mainly their oh so sensitive negro pets ARE WINNING. We can lament and talk down to their tactics, but THEY ARE WINNING.

We can complain and give money to the GOP and whine about the decline of christianity and fair play, and fatherhood, manhood, etc. but the fact is THEY ARE WINNING.

In Canada they have just won. the new Liberal government got a sweeping majority and it has begun. They are shutting down energy production, about bring in some onerous gun laws on top of the onerous gun laws we already have. They are fast pacing 25000 muslim refugees the will cause horrid shit in Canada. I expect they will be forcing us to wear helmets in our cars next.

From SDA ...

The supposedly non-partisan civil servants at the Department of Foreign Affairs are quickly undoing any changes brought in by the Conservatives and former Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird.
want to make sure there is no trace of Conservatives, so much so that they even took down a portrait of the Queen that was in the lobby of the building.

Even if you get GOP president, chances are he will be a liberal pretending to be a conservative and you will get to keep your Mexicans (doesn't matter if you like them) and all other varied mongrel who slide in under the tent.

Anonymous said...

It's not a question of what the president of Missouri did.
What matters is who wants him out.

This map should explain a lot:

Anonymous said...

Hahahaha it's is going to get worse before it gets bette. At some point the sjws are going to cross a line and people will turn against them en masse.

Joel said...

Why would people that genuinely believe in that ideology desecrate their symbol with feces, it doesn't make sense. Couple that with the large amount of people who plant swastikas on themselves for attention and thats why i don't believe them in the first place.

Schwarze Tulpe said...

Funny how the Nazis, calling everyone else racist Nazis, are really the Nazis.

kurt9 said...

Mr. Wolfe no doubt received a huge severance package (7 figures) to resign. This is likely the real reason why he did not fight whatever these student thought he failed to do.

The level of PC shit in the universities these day, wouldn't you take a 7 figure severance package to resign if it were offered to you?

CBMTTek said...

I've been asking the same question myself.

What did the University President do, or not do? No one seems to have any details. And the 1950's are not talking. One would figure that the protesters would be the first ones to be getting in front of the news cameras, making claims, and hurling accusations. But, they aren't.

One can only wonder why.

MC said...

Good God.

I'm not a fan of racial slurs and shit swastikas.

I don't think that crap is OK.

But-- REALLY?! Destroying a guy because he can't make other people stop behaving like assholes?!

Back in the Stone Age (1997) when I lived in a college dorm, there was a solution to the shit swastika painted on your door.

It involved a camera and a trip to the Dollar General.

You took a picture. Then you put on some rubber gloves (if you were squeamish) and drew a bucket of water. You added some soap and a sponge. You scrubbed the door, dumped the bucket, took a shower, changed your clothes, and went to class.

THEN, since you'd acted like a person with some brains, you started talking to the other people in the area. You found out WHAT MOTHERFUCKER painted a shit swastika on your door. Then you had some choices:

1) Talk to the dick and either friend them or impress yourself as a sufficient threat to get them to leave you alone.

2) Beat the tar out of the dick and impress yourself as a sufficient threat to get them to leave you alone.

3) Get crafty, catch the dick in the act, and get THEM thrown out for THEIR behavior.

You did not persecute someone else for failing to make the world a dick-free fairyland.

These "brave justice warriors" are cowards who are not only too chickenshit to fight their own battles, but so completely chickenshit that they think it's a crime that there should be real battles to be fought.

When we wanted to blow off some steam by fighting fantasy battles, we had Dungeons and Dragons for that.

CBMTTek said...

Just saw another article.

Apparently it was "white privilege" that the university president was guilty of.

elmer t. jones said...

The blacktivists are fatherless children. They were throwing a tantrum and Wolfe, the surrogate father, didn't notice enough. So they had a classic infantile meltdown, screaming louder and flinging poo until he was removed. Who is going to be their surrogate father now?

Anonymous said...

original report is from an RA that said he saw a flier and refuses to respond to interview requests. Got to Ace for links.

leeholsen said...

Apologize for being late to this.

Apparently, the racial slurs were from passers by in a moving vehicle. So, the president and chancellor gave up their jobs and possibly careers for public speech possibly to a student possibly from people that were not even students at the university that may have been drunk or high or just something done on a dare.

The inmates are truly running the asylum today.

I predict there will be a slow build of these things being reported as happening(that may not have actually happened)) as the dumb asses have seen their stupid shit can cause real chaos and will likely be tried at other colleges and secondary schools and probably some places of business. The usa is evolving to the lowest common denominator faster than I would have thought.

I for one, will not join. I will drink really good beer, smoke really good cigars, make sure I keep a weapon within reach in case it comes to my doorstep and "Enjoy The Decline".

Anonymous said...

Maybe Mr. Wolfe thought it was fun to let some people harass some "undesirables". It went wrong.