Monday, November 23, 2015

I Am Changing Podcast Hosts

As some of you have noticed the Podomatic site does not have the latest podcasts OR it says it does and then there's nothing to download.

Welcome to the retards that somehow got financing to start "Podomatic."

Since then I have switched to Sound Cloud and you can find the new episodes here.

Unfortunatley, for those of you with communist devices (iPhones) you are not allowed to download MP3's directly because you are viewed as children in the eyes of Steve Jobs and are FORCED to go through iTunes.  So you will have to download and listen on your computer OR when I get home from my trip and provide a new RSS feed to my iTunes account. 

Terribly sorry for the inconvenience, but you may send your complaints to Podomatic.


Adam Lawson said...

Yeah, ugh at iDevices. I bought the wife an iPod because, hey, they're slick and cool and she'll like it.

Turns out the only way to get files onto newer ipods is with fucking iTunes. I can't directly copy songs onto the device. Which meant setting up iTunes and importing anything I wanted to use.

This was a huge pain in my ass and I haven't forgotten.

Cynic In Chief said...

Unfortunately currently the new podcasts aren't available to download and require direct streaming to play. This isn't much better than posting them to YouTube (although I'm working on a service to fix that one).

Here's how to make SoundCloud work with podcast programs:
1. Enable downloading for all of your SoundCloud files.
2. Change all of your podcast links on your website to
3. Change the podcast link in iTunes to the new URL.

Anonymous said...

You can get SoundCloud podcasts on an Iphone. There's a SoundCloud app.

Anonymous said...

Wise move Clarey. Soundcloud certainly is superior, HOWEVER you do need to enable downloading of your podcasts... otherwise there's not much point.

heresolong said...

It appears that the Soundcloud android app will not allow download of episodes, only streaming. This is a problem so unfortunately I'll have to wait for the new RSS feed. I was wondering why there were no new episodes after the MN Teaparty speech.