Sunday, November 01, 2015

Burn Baby Burn!

Another scam college goes bankrupt and their idiot students are "enraged."

What I love is most of the people who attend these colleges are too stupid to realize it's a GREAT thing the school went under because it effectively put an end to them continuing to make a horrible and costly mistake.


YIH said...

Because it effectively put an end to them continuing to make a horrible and costly mistake.
Not only that, students at schools that have closed are eligible to have their loans discharged, which means the Department of Education could be left with settling tens of millions of dollars in loan payments with taxpayer money.
That's right, if the *ahem* university goes tits up, the debt becomes bankruptable. I suspect there are more so-called colleges that will fold - and the Dept. of Education (and the banks) are pissing themselves over that.

Anonymous said...

The truth about refugees migrants to Europe:

Anonymous said...

People living inside the bubble of comfortable lies chose to live there. Shit like this ruins their extended childhood.

Guys like us chose to seek and accept the cold, hard, unfeeling reality.

MC said...

Well, strictly speaking, that's capitalism in its purest form.

Find a market (the more desperate and credulous the better), sell to that market, get out of town before they get their hands on a pitchfork.

It's not just a benign entity that rewards motivation, intelligence, and a work ethic.

It's a tool, like any other, and it doesn't care about the moral inclinations of the person using (or exploiting) it.

On the one hand, it's caveat emptor out there. Don't let hope, faith, trust, optimism, or other forms of pixie dust keep you from asking all the questions.

On the other hand, as little as I like government anything, there is a purpose for regulation and oversight.

Because not all the capitalists are upright, moral men of the Captain's character.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Cappy for sharing the article from my email. There's a bunch of more schools like that over here in Miami. For example, the nursing program at Miami Dade College is extremely competitive. So those "schools" offer easy entrance to their programs. That's how they trick so many people.

Anonymous said...

They aren't tricking anyone. They are offering an inferior product to people who are incapable of selecting a better product. This is nothing different than happens every day in every commercial transaction in the country.

ALL COLLEGES ARE FOR PROFIT. And even the best universities offer worthless degrees along side their higher quality products. Consumers WANT them.

The proper recourse for government is to stop underwriting the bad consumer choices with guaranteed loans. Make the consumers liable for the consequences of their own choices.

And personally, I don't really want a bunch of under-qualified nurses trying to inject me with stuff at my next hospital visit.

Unknown said...

Well this is good then another scam artist school went under. I wonder what would happen if the same standards that I put on these maligned or profit schools would be poured on the traditional non-profit schools in the worthless liberal arts programs. I'd like to see all scam programs wether non-profit work for profit go under. In my personal opinion all this fuss is about the fact that the for-profit colleges are scamming students better than the nonprofit ,and the nonprofit traditional institutions do not like competition .They want to be alone in scamming thousands even tens of thousands of dollars out of students for degrees that are virtually worthless. If we put the same pressure on both non-profit and for profit higher education institutions more than half of the institutions would close overnight; that includes many community colleges and state universities. There are no doubt many for for profits that are highly questionable however there are some good for profit colleges out there . To me this is all about the fact that the liberal mind finds it a cardinal sin to make a dollar off of educating and training students god forbid that happen. Both nonprofit and for profit are basically (for profit ) they are all in it to make money except one has a virtual halo over their head

Red Knight said...

For-profit colleges enrolling the desperate and hopeful through devious marketing, and getting government subsidies regardless of performance. Congrats, America, you have managed to combine the worst of both capitalism and socialism.