Saturday, November 14, 2015

France Brought It Upon Themselves

And we will too:

Also, if you want to see how perfectly brainwashed the left is, look at the immediate knee jerk reactions in the comments section where spineless and brainless leftists scramble to blame everything but radical Islam.  It is amazing to see them so desperately try to defend a group of people who want to destroy them.  Enjoy that decline people, enjoy that freaking decline.


leeholsen said...

Captain, you are perfectly right: "France Brought It Upon Themselves - And we will too"; as usual.

I predict events like this in Europe continue on an increasing basis to where the news we are seeing now becomes routine. The usa still has a few years because it's a little bit harder to walk a million muslims across an ocean, although it seems the usa does have planes at the ready. How freakin' stupid is that.

The Plague Doctor said...

Spam this video everywhere.

David v. Rudisill said...

We'll likely see a major attack in Germany in the near future during the Christmas season.

Anonymous said...

But, but, but, guns are illegal in France! I don't understand how this could have happened?! I'm sure France will get its act together, and inform the next million refugees that France is a gun free zone. They should also consider telling them that killing infidels is also illegal in western culture. Well maybe not, because they might be called racists for thinking that muslims have a tendency towards commiting violence in the name of their faith.

grey enlightenment said...

there's a reason why there were called 'cheese eating surrender monkeys' in 2003

Anonymous said...

I only have sympathy for the innocent people killed, but the governments in Europe should be run out of power and jailed for treason. So should the idiots who insisted on bringing these savages in. They have no right to say a word or complain. They knew what they were getting, and yes, a rattlesnake will bite you.

Anonymous said...

WTC Attack @ 9+1+1+2+0+0+1=14
Paris Attack @ 1+1+1+3+2+0+1+5=14


Anonymous said...

Our new Prime Minister Justin Truedope is doubling down on fast tracking 25,000 of our future executioners and rapists into Canada. I think he thinks that being nice to them will 'win them over' Hahahahahahahahaha. .... I hope they blow up a lot of shit in Ottawa and especially Toronto. Otherwise we may never find out what it is they are up to before it's too late. And watch for the move to try to confiscate what few guns are in private hands, lest we attempt to defend ourselves.

heresolong said...

A little harder here given the number of armed Americans in any given location (including so called gun free zones). I have listened to accounts of people in theaters lying on the floor while the Muslim gun-men stopped and reloaded before continuing down the hall shooting more people. Try that here and it might not work out so well.

Pete Brewster said...

Thanks to the shale oil boom (and no thanks to Obama) North America is self-sufficient in oil. Middle East isn't our problem any more. We need to get out and stay out.

Russia and Israel have plenty of experience kicking Muslim ass and can take care of themselves. Maybe there really are other countries in Europe worth saving from the consequences of socialism and feminism. I can't think of any.

Hope the fun French women had with their Arab bulls was worth it.

Bonne d├ęcadence!

rick said...

John Henry, you are an asshole and obviously very fucking stupid. You "hope they blow up a lot of shit...otherwise we may never find out...before it's too late"??

And you "hope" for this simply because you dislike the new PM? You "hope" for death and destruction to prove a point?

You are a fucking moron.

Anonymous said...

Remember invasion USA with Chuck Norris?

Anonymous said...

My bet is that America will have enough problems of its own dealing with the 100,000 potential ISIS sleeper agents its taking over the next 2 years.

EurEye said...

Heresolong: I hope what happened in France will never happen in the USA or anywhere else.
If it did, you might be surprised to see that people carrying weapons might not really help the matter. Just imagine lying down with a ten round pistol thinking about whether you should take on several men with assault rifles who might very well be wearing bulletproof vests.

Also anonymous: guns as such are not illegal in France.
Here´s a link to the legislation in France (pretty much standard laws in Europe):
Read carefully the part about gun ownership (in the restricted firearms section you can also find out, that you can actually legally own a semiautomatic assault weapon, and they come legally for like 300USD in some EU countries).
Whoever really wants to have a gun - and is not a diagnosed psychopath - can have it. It´s just a bit more complicated than getting a driving licence.

Got a bit too flashy this time (the scarf´s terrible and doesn´t go with the flag at all): you weren´t born when "we" came to Europe to help (which by the way probably really saved the day at least in ´44) and neither are you the one who decides where "we" wil go to help or bomb or whatever.

As for the content itself: France brought it on itself long ago and quite probably by being a very laic state rather than by letting the muslims in or voting "antiwestern laws". Neither does Hollande have anything to do with it (but you´re completely right about him being a dick), they would do (and have done things like that) it under Miterrand, Chirac, Sarkozy, Strauss-Kahn or (even more) a Le Pen just as well. Maybe De Gaulle could stop it but who knows.
Your logics here is a bit crooked: if France brought it on itself and so WILL (so, supposedly, haven´t yet) the US, what the hell was 9/11? A traffic accident? Or was the US too far to the left back then(and isn´t now)? Under Bush? Or was it a completely different thing? And the other times that muslims attacked in the US and at the US ambassies? Did the US bring all that shit to itself?

I lack thinking in this post, which is very unusual for you.
I think that US and Europe are in this shit together and this time it has nothing to do with left or right.

Anonymous said...

EurEye, what good does owning any weapon do you if you aren't allowed to carry it? France doesn't allow open or concealed carry, so France is effectively a gun free zone.

Anonymous said...

IF WE DONT LET THEM DIE,THEY WONT ALLOW US TO LIVE... there are two things irational when we are asked to be humans. If a man sleeps with ten women and produces 50 unwanted children, we are asked to be humans and bear the cost.In the animal world unwanted offsprings are killed... If someone has troubles abroad the goverment decides to tax you more to feed them and give them more hotties than you have... Those who vote government intervention..