Tuesday, November 03, 2015

Comic Books Taken Over By Marxists

Amen Rocking Mr E.


CA3 said...

Your earlier article regarding the current state of affairs for the comic industry hit the nail on the head in explaining why we're seeing comics presenting left leaning ideologies under the claims of inclusiveness or equality. The company execs don't care and no one who matters, or aims to be productive in our society, has been picking them up. Seriously, when it comes to comic book characters, kids are more immersed in the latest spider-man movie or game. It's only us grown up nerds talking about comics these days, if at all.

If the past of comics has taught us anything, it's that the failures of DC's Milestone and Minx imprint is proof no one's interested in the sort of stories left leaning minds create. Truth be told, Warner Bros. bought DC Comics and later Image's Wildstorm imprint for the same reasons Disney bought Marvel and LucasFilms, they've got an enormous library of audience tested stories that can be made into films, tv shows, and video games. That seems to be where the popular original stories are showing up lately.

Situyong said...

Stan Lee is spinning in his grave and he's not even dead yet.

Anonymous said...

I can see the future: Leftist diversity spewing comic-books fail miserably because no sane male wants to buy them, but instead of going bankrupt are subsidized by the government in order to "promote art, culture and inclusiveness" (propaganda).

The New York Times publishes an article ridiculing "angry white basement dwellers" for not buying the "correct" comic-books because they "feel threatened by strong independent transgender transrace transfat characters".

The Plague Doctor said...

Send Rocking Mr. E this video, I'm sure he'll enjoy it.