Saturday, November 21, 2015

Road Trip Podcast Special! - Glorious Karl Edition

Cappy visits Glorious Karl and Karl disagrees with Cappy!


Cappy and Karl discuss abortion, secularism, religion, law, communism, single parents, adoption, the "blogger profession," Laci Green, Jenna Marbles, IQ, and how the masses are too busy watching sports ball or Oprah that their sites will NEVER achieve mainstream status.

Tune in here!

UPDATE - I've switched from that shitbag service known as Podomatic to Soundcloud.  This means for all of you with communist devices iPhones will NOT get the new episodes through iTunes until I update the RSS feed.  In the meantime, consider buying a device that let's you download directly to your phone without forcing you to join the "Apple Commune."  It's what us adults do.


Scott Alfter said...

>UPDATE - I've switched from that shitbag service known as Podomatic to Soundcloud.

That explains why I've not seen any new items lately. As near as I can tell, Soundcloud has an option to provide an RSS feed, but either I'm blind and can't find the feed URL or you've not enabled RSS.

I found this workaround that should work for most things that need an RSS feed:

Kodi, however, doesn't like it. If their bug tracker will ever get its thumb out of its butt, I'll file a bug report with them. In the meantime, looks like I'm stuck listening through a web browser. :-|

Michael said...

great decision on moving to soundcloud, and a great podcast too.

Anonymous said...

NEWS: Quora website is racist. They censor free speech. You can not ask a single questions to find out the truth, it will be unpublished immediately. Thats the problem with voting, the other half, the weak people will shut your mouth. We need to decentralize the internet and use .onion websites and Tor network.

Anonymous said...

Feminist on the horizon':
The mother of one of the terrorist in the attacks in France was a Feminist:

heresolong said...

Scott, I tried your link with Pocket Casts and it didn't find anything. Guess we wait until Cappy gets home from vacation?