Friday, November 06, 2015

The Fucktardery Never Ends

For the patron Saint of Frick.


Pootie Tang said...

You know what's probably not covered in that curriculum, cochlear implants (AKA a medical cure for deafness). It's one thing when two deaf parents want their deaf child to learn sign language, because it's their culture and all they know. But it is at the very least unethical for these pro-Deaf culture morons (i.e. graduates of the program) to tell two hearing parents that their deaf child must learn sign language while ignoring advances in medicine.

MC said...

I dunno, Cap. If they don't teach the victim mentality, that one could actually be useful.

There are actually A LOT of deaf kids that need an education. Would it were that every one had a mother with the time, patience, and skills to homeschool them (would every child had that, for that matter). It doesn't work out that way. SOMEONE has to figure out how to help those kids learn in a classroom that's primarily based on auditory learning. SOMEONE has to help them figure out how to navigate a world made for people who hear (unless, of course, they're all going to sit around crying about being "disabled" and collecting welfare-- let's skip that, shall we??).

The whole separate culture thing kinda makes me want to gag, though I do believe that deaf people have a different enough experience of the world to form a subculture (like "suburbanites" or "ghetto bastards" or "straight white men" or "rednecks" or what have you).

I do know that we've learned a lot about language acquisition from observing and working with deaf individuals. That's been useful in understanding how children learn to talk (yes, it's hardwired, but all kinds of things can mess with that wiring). Which has led to advances in language skills for other subgroups. Which, if we just man up and stop teaching the victim mentality (I swear, people profit from the victim mentality, and it's not just the "victims" getting attention and collecting disability), leads to more ability and less dependence for a lot of people who would otherwise spend a lifetime eating out of your pocket.

liberranter said...

Academia really needs to create a new series of degrees to separate this sort of garbage from "real" fields of study. How about BSJ (Bachelor of Social Justice), MSJ, and DSJ?

BTW, I always thought the noun was "fucktardation, but I could be wrong.

MikeV said...

Somewhat on topic with this post, I happen to come across this article. Does not surprise me that most of the colleges on this list are liberal arts colleges.

Colleges Where Alumni Make Less Than High School Graduates

Survivorman said...

W H A T ??? (both hands cupped behind both ears)