Saturday, November 14, 2015

Lazy Sunday Linkage

Aurini writes another "boring, frivolous, light read."

Why Millennial college students need the shit kicked out of them.

DT and The Man have a podcast (with behind the scenes info on how enraged I was at the Tea Party meeting)

PBS has professor on to explain "Micro-Aggressions" and the video gets a torrent of well-deserved hate and downvotes.  Please feel free to downvote it.

Just discovered a new Podcast Treasure Trove - The History of Russia.  168 episodes so far and they are VERY well done.

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Unknown said...

ha ha ha, the youtube microaggression professor... LOL

Let's look at the pretty macro-aggressive pricing of the books Mr Wing-Suit authored and co-authored. $77.54 on average for the first 10 books on his amazon page (Kindle Version). the ones he advertized in the video at least go for $31.49 each.

Of course the only audience he has is the highly targeted academic community. Who else buys such crap? This is a sick joke.

Academics write highly priced books that get sold to university libraries for hundreds of dollars each. Students pay horrendous amounts of tuition fees, and the whole money ends up in the pockets of professors and academic publishers who give zero value to the world at large. and leave their students in the rain.