Monday, November 02, 2015

"But That's Not Fair!!!"

"Alas, not only because fairness is important to society, but as individuals we have the instinctual demand for self-respect, “fairness” is a concept constantly hammered and hounded upon us. At three you are told “it’s not fair to steal your brother’s candy.” From all of K-12 your teachers insist on everything be “fair.” And when you’re in college your liberal arts professors do nothing but whine and complain about how the world is so “unfair.” So when you graduate from college you think the real world should, ought to be, and is fair.

Oh, you foolish man."

More at my latest piece at ROK.


grey enlightenment said...

You see this in the economy, with high-IQ people typically having higher wages than everyone else. Biology renders the left's efforts to create equal outcomes futile.

Anonymous said...

Something to think about when you see the fairness argument... Prior to about 60 years ago, and especially before the early 20th Century, Western societies had what I call "topographical morality". That is, we had a fairly well understood system of morality with vices and virtues great and small, having peaks and valleys, so to speak. There were the Cardinal Virtues, less er virtues, venial sins, mortal sins, etc. This entire system was jettisoned by a generation (you know who) that just weren't able to live up to these standards. They flattened everything out by applying a simpler standard called equality, or fairness.

Anonymous said...

Life ain't fair, then you get cancer, and die alone. You paid your money, you takes your chances.