Friday, November 06, 2015

Why I Don't Watch the "Debates"


Anonymous said...


Unrelated, but an important article for you to read:

Kristophr said...

Fiorina did not run HP into the ground.

She was hired to be the hatchet woman to fire the deadwood at a seriously bloated company. The stockholders thought she did an outstanding job. Once she finished her task, a nice guy was put in the position to make the monkeys working there think the wicked witch was now gone.

Anonymous said...

Dear Aaron Clarey, off topic.

Concerning your lecture on reality and how we must play the cards that life dealt us.

I must tell you that life has dealt me a fantastic set of cards, I would say three aces, one joker but ... I also have one poisonous card in my aswesome hand: Myself.

You don't realize how good you have it until you lose it. I had a nuclear family, a good job, a steady allowance, a house, friends. But my defiant and ingrate attitude has compromise it all. I was a complete moron.

I used to hate you and to mock Kevin O' Leary about his fear being a strong motivation ... until I felt it myself. This is the kind of thing you absolutely have to experience to comprehend. Words can't describe it.

My allowance didn't get into my bank account on time, it was delayed two days. The anxiety those last two days over the fact that maybe it was being cut has opened my eyes and cured me of my impertinence. I am relieved that my allowance finally made it to my bank account today.

Nonetheless, I will get a job, I will rebuild my life, I will go see my family and rebuild my relationships.

The survival instinct is POWERFUL, I've never faced such a powerful foe in all my life. I thought I had strong will and that I was tough and fearless. You can't beat nature. After feeling this I am no longer afraid of rejection. Being turned off at a job application seems like nothing compared to what I felt during those last two days. I feel that I can apply and withstand all the rejections until I have it right.

No more goofing and fooling around for me. I've felt a pain like I've never felt before and even though I am relieved, the pain is lasting and it's time I get a clue.

Now I know, I've experienced the same thing that Kevin O' Leary did. It felt like a jolt of electricity prompting me to do something with my life. All I can say is WOW !

It felt like I was sitting on the electric chair but I was not dying. I've experience a pain like I've never experienced in all my life and after that experience I feel like I can face any rejection or put downs or insults life throws at me. Nothing compares to this fear.

WOW, Kevin O' Leary tells the complete truth. Simply WOW !

Nature is stronger than man, now I know.

Blinding Buddha said...

Debates are stupid! Especially when they are debating about bullshit and not the real issues of the day. I would like to see debates that are more intense! Calling each other names and questioning their authority!

A debate should be like an argument where the facts are stated from both parties and the people watching can decided which side to go on. These debates these days is like watching a video on how to not offend anyone and play nice.

Fuck that! Let me hear what is really on your mind!

minuteman said...

A debate would be both sides trying to convince you that their side was right. Never going to happen.

Anonymous said...

The part about debates which are stupid is that each candidate tries to make the other ones look bad. They especially try to make the leading candidate look bad.

It is a popularity contest and has no substance in reality.

Anonymous said...


You said "A debate would be both sides trying to convince you that their side was right"

I studied math in college and math is not opened for debate, either you can prove your axiom and turn it into a theorem or you can't. From my point of view, science requires exactitude, proofs and real truths.

If you are going to debate about the truth and even if you win the debate and succeed at convincing others, how can you prove that you were right ?

When "truth" depends on how good an orator you are and how good you sound, this is not reality nor proof anymore, it's sophistry.

I am a bit suspicious about debates because it's not so much about being right rather than about looking as if you are right.

Anonymous said...

Dear Aaron Clarey, off topic again.

I know where I completely fucked up in my life. I held grudges against family members for so long. I held grudges instead of nurturing the relationships.

Holding grudges further compounds the damage. I should have cherished my family and nurtured the relationship instead of being so self-focused.

I sincerely hope that my dad will speak to me again. I miss him very much.

Red Knight said...

Not sure how a track record showing ability at personal advancement, or even personal achievement, suggests capability at leading a country well.

Ben Carson, ffs, he believes the pyramids were for grain storage! An original thought, I'll give him that, but an utterly retarded one, considering the massive size of the buildings and the tiny amount of actual storage volume. That he would come up with such a thought suggests a basic-level inability to process information and draw conclusions, or think in practical terms. This isn't Advanced Egyptology.

That said, you're entirely right that what passes for televised debate in presidential elections doesn't really prove much. It's all showmanship, you can spew high-grade bullshit since nobody else will have the time to call you out on it.

Anonymous said...

Lol I watched this video on YouTube. The next video in the queue that auto-played was the debates.

leeholsen said...

Captain, I would suggest you do what I for debates; I consider them comedy especially the democrats. I fully know the the gop candidates will actually not do anything unless they absolutely have to and the decomcrats are just putting lipstick on socialism; but as soon as Texas goes purple(by 2024 I think) the usa's dead as founded; so I just enjoy it now.

You're going to need a good, long smoking cigar and a drink that is easily drinkable and gulp-able because some answers will have you downing everything currently in the glass and going for more.

Anonymous said...

You ask why I watch the debates ... I only watch a bit of them and it is strictly for entertainment purposes, especially with Trump in the mix. I like Cason, but I am not sure if he is oriented enough to foreign affairs ... and his oath to do no harm ... how about harming muslims? Otherwise I agree he is probably in the top three smartest people who are on that stage. The other two being Cruz and Fiorina. The rest are fodder.