Sunday, November 22, 2015

Most American Parents Don't Deserve the 5th Commandment

However, as hellish this guaranteed-to-be-a-nightmare is going to be, it is better that living under an abusive home. You may not have food, but you will have freedom. You may be sleeping on a couch, but you have the right to come home when you see fit. You may be going into debt to pay for tuition, but you won’t have your money stolen or be forced to tithe 10% to a defunct state religion.  And you may be down and depressed, but you will find your own family either through friends or a spouse, and they will treat you better.

It’s the best life you can live, no matter what disadvantages life gave you.

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Anonymous said...

If I knew what I know now, I'd have left home as a young teenager if not sooner. I'd have been better off on the streets, as long as I could have secured some form of shelter and food while continuing my education. I'd have benefitted greatly from this advice had it been around fhen, but I'm glad it's here now for those who need it.