Friday, March 11, 2016

Cause I Think I Still Might Have a Chance


Faithless Cynic said...

On a purely money basis, you would be better to take the money and hire an escort or prostitute. Rather than pissing money away, you get the sex you wanted in the first place, without whining and drama. Additionally, anyone married over 10 years knows married sex is quick and perfunctory, about what you would get with a prostitute. My wife gives me enough to keep me around and not one fuck more.

Save the alimony payments and your wife hating you and find a prostitute.

Pro tip - You are unlikely to catch a disease getting a " tuggie " or handjob at a massage parlor ( The Burger King of the sex trade )

leeholsen said...

very nice.

I remember when I used to be that guy, then a woman I drove 250 miles one way to see many times at probably my most impressive point in my life (wrote and published my 1st book and worth some good bank) couldn't be bothered to make a phone call to tell me she did not want to see me anymore. That was final straw, no more trying to impress women anymore, I know I'm in the top 10% in all sorts of categories in the usa; women need to impress me now and if that means I go it alone; so be it.

SM777 said...

In the upper 30's age range, it's the women who start singing, "Cause I Think I Still Might Have a Chance".

That's when women start to outnumber men due to the shorter male lifespan. It also intensifies over age 40 for women who are unattached due to the extraordinary amount of competition they suddenly find themselves with. That's because we men really start to die off then due to various reasons.

Kevin said...

You might also enjoy the video LJBF (Let's just be friends) by thumbtac something.

Marshallaw said...

Holy song and vid I've heard in a long time. Won't make MTV....don't play music vids anyhoo.
Should be manditory viewing for all 13 year old boys.