Thursday, March 10, 2016

Fuck You Mizzou!

20% decline and $32 million deficit at racist school that hates whites.

Surprise surprise.


Anonymous said...

Serves them right. The administration wimped out and let mob rule take over. No one in their right mind would want MU on their resume now.

It didn't have to be this way. If, perhaps, the president told the players ok, you don't want to play, fine, and then forfeit the rest of the season, it might have been different.

Worst yet comes the news that the "incidents" were mostly if not completely fabricated.

One Fat Oz Guy said...

Hooray for white flight. I'd love to see the breakdown of the ethnicities of people pulling out, however I'm pretty sure most would be white.
So they get their demands today, just makes their piece of paper worth even less. Wonder how that'll feel when they've gone into debt to get it!

leeholsen said...

I like it.

In fact, I would propose that any company or product that likes to make whitey the problem be boycotted if there is an alternative.