Wednesday, March 02, 2016

Improve Upon the Prototype

The tone of this post will at first seem arrogant and pompous.  Please read the post in its entirety as that is not its intent. 

The past decade of internet access has brought about many revolutions and upheavals in society.  And for those of you in Cappyland one of the more notable ones has been the rediscovery, amassing, fine-tuning, and creation of an amazing array of masculine wisdom, philosophy, and empiricism.  This amazing array has manifested itself into what we roughly refer to as "The Manosphere" and has, truthfully, saved the lives of what I estimate to be millions of young men (and women). 

The founders of this philosophy, frankly, had to build it not only from scratch, but...

1.  Through trial and error
2.  With no ability to compare notes across the world via the internet
3.  All while operating under false premises various political and social forces forced on society through decades' worth of propaganda.


4.  While having no clue whether it was them or the world that was insane.

This resulted in an enormous mental, psychological, emotional, financial and physical toll paid by these founders.  Entailing anything from being shot down by over thousands of women just to prove a correlation, to wasting their youths on worthless degrees and careers, these men spent decades of their lives exploring this new sociological and psychological frontier, laying the ground work and mapping it out so that future generations would not only be able to navigate it successfully, but be spared the pain of having to learn it for themselves.

Normally these "founders" would be called "visionaries," "pioneers," "revolutionaries," and "leaders."  And many of you have been kind enough to bestow upon us those humbling titles.  However, the truth is that we aren't so much visionaries or pioneers as much as we are...

guinea pigs.

And there's a lesson to learn here.

Previous to the internet it was nearly impossible to overcome and override society's media, governmental, and educational institutions.  They had a monopoly on the information network by which nearly all data, thoughts, philosophies, and theories were disseminated to society.  This made any development of a counter-theory very difficult because you had no idea of the sheer volume and omnipresence of lies that were being told and maintained.  Ergo, if you started trusting your eyes and said,

"You know, I think western girls are batshit insane."


"You know, these baby boomer-led corporate American employers seem to be a racket."

society would come crushing down on you calling you a "misogynist" or "not a team player."

This caused an inordinate amount of mental torture as what you were witnessing with your very own eyes conflicted with what society was screaming at you.  Not only did this make advancing and achieving success in life nearly impossible (ie-doing what society demanded ALWAYS led to failure) but if you dared to question society, they would ostracize you and ensure you paid a price.  Still, for some the insanity and lack of success was invariably too much to bear.  And with absolutely no success (and therefore, nothing to lose) some truly bold (and desperate) men started rejecting society, risking the ostracization, punishment, and pain society constantly threatened. 

Sure enough, since they were basing their decisions in reality they started finding success in life.  More of them were getting laid.  More of them were starting successful businesses.  And many of them starting to find true happiness in life.  But you must understand however, just what a Herculean and ballsy effort this was pre-internet.  There was no way to confirm whether they were on the right track until they threw away convention and their entire lives to take this risk...all in the face of SCREAMING opposition.  These are the true pioneers and Daniel Boones of our time.

Then came the internet.

Even with the internet, it still took a decade of testing, note comparison, and wandering in the desert to slowly, but surely crystallize the laws, theories, wisdom, and philosophies we have today.  But sure enough, just like the pioneers of 30 years past who dared to question convention in the 80's, these "internet pioneers" of the past 15 years achieved the same.  They dared to believe their eyes, they dared to think independently, and they dared to give a lying-society the finger.  And now, for the first time since the 1950's, they not only had the answers humankind previously spent millennia discovering, but with the help of the internet were disseminating it to the masses.

And because of all that, nobody, from here on into the future, has to endure that hell ever again.

Naturally, you may look favorably upon these "pioneers."  Roosh, Roissy, Rollo, myself, Tom Leykis, Cernovich, Molyneux, Paul Elam, and the many others who laid this foundation.  You may even view us as "dad" or the "older brother you never had" (which we are humbled for).  But the truth is we were just a bunch of guys that were sick of it, had nothing left to lose, and decided we weren't going to go off quietly into the night.  We're no different than you, we just happened to have been born before you were.

Ergo, it is a vital and important lesson that every reader in the Manosphere, alt-right, Neo-masculinity, etc., needs to learn that you should not be aiming to become like us, but you should be aiming to improve upon us and surpass us.  And not just by a marginal amount, but by leaps and bounds.

The sheer decades of time, labor, money, and mental resources that you will save learning from the wisdom that has been unearthed is astounding.

First, consider education.  If it were up to previous generations past, you'd be stuck in a viscous progressive-credentialism black hole, earning your doctorate in "14th Century Transgendered Latino Sculpture Studies" that not only would sap you of all your youth until you were darn well near 30, but condemn you to financial servitude until you were 60.  The sheer savings on this alone would be $100,000 in wasted tuition and 20 years in wasted life.

Second, courting, dating and marriage.

The amount of mental pain and anguish young men suffered in the 70's-90's, thinking there was something wrong with them when the girls they were trying to date

stood them up,
threw temper tantrums for no reason,
spermjacked them,
played mind games,
a limitless litany of other psychologically-draining psychotic bullshit,

is incalculable. 

But image how much pain and agony would have been saved that if at the age of 14 young boys weren't told:

"It's your fault if the girl's unhappy."
"Just be yourself."
"Maybe you attract the wrong type of girl"

but instead were just simple told,

"Most girls are batshit insane, love drama, and need a strong man to stand up to them."

Hundreds of billions of hours of psychological pain across hundreds of millions of men would have been spared.

And this doesn't even include the incalculable savings young men are spared today being fully warned about the risks of marriage, divorce, alimony, cuckoldry, and child support.

Again, you add to the two decades and $100,000 you saved yourself not majoring in a stupid subject, the $500,000 in alimony and child support, not to mention another decade of your life wasted, you're $600,000 and three decades ahead of your contemporaries.

Third, economics.  Specifically, minimalism

While society and convention is pushing you to get that $100,000 liberal arts degree, followed by a $50,000 car, a $600,000 McMansion, and a wife and children who are likely to beget an additional $100,000 in life-long credit card debt, the "Wisdom of the Manosphere" tells you it can all be replaced with a used car, a skilled trade, a cheap studio apartment, a used motorcycle, and network of loving, caring people.  I'll say it again for the cheap seats,

"The most important thing in life is other people."

And once you realize that, you can save yourself an easy $500,000 in lodging expenses, $100,000 in life long car expenses, $100,000 in credit card debt for crap you don't need...not to mention...find yourself a decent quality girl...instead of a psychopath with tits and a spending problem attached to it.

There are certainly many more ways the wisdom of the Manosphere will save you time, money, and psychological pain, but if you add it all up it is amazing the leg-up you have over your pre-internet predecessors.

Well over $1 million in life time financial savings.
Well over 50 years of your life not wasted.
And the psychological pain you've avoided is as priceless as it is immeasurable.

It is from this enviable position, assuming you take the time to study, understand, and incorporate this knowledge into your own lives, that you can blow past all the "pioneers" and "visionaries" who founded this philosophy and leave us in the dust.  If you play your cards right you will make more money than we do, save more money than we ever will, work a fraction as hard, endure a fraction of the psychological pain, slay more ladies, and live happier and better lives than what we could ever imagine.  You will also be able to advance the philosophy, and thus the progress of men (as well as women), to heights we "founders" will unfortunately not be alive to see.  But that in itself will be such an intellectual treat, I predict that will make your lives all that much better.

The most common lament I hear from my colleagues in this world is:

"Had I known back then, what I do now."

 But for you guys it is not a lament nor regret.  It's a reality if you choose to accept it.
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Anonymous said...

Fantastic article. Yes, I may have many disagreements within the realm of the mansosphere, but nonetheless, it has provided a platform to express our views and opinions that have saved many lives including my own.

I want to personally thank you Aaron and Tom Leykis for being the real pioneers of the modern masculine realm and keeping us aware of the constant bullshit society feeds us. And yes, minimalism is the way to go. Economics will force it on you, whether you like it or not.

I am exceptional that I would take minimalism to a further level- live in a car and have a gym membership (for toilet and washing). You save thousands and thousands of dollars and pounds per year doing this and get to fuck over the greedy landlords and real estate develops this way.

Brilliant article.

Unknown said...

"Had I known back then, what I do now."

At any time you can start new. Maybe that's one of the most important points I learnt from the manosphere. You can always do whatever you want. Corporations or the Government have only as much power over you as you let them.

I will never forget one of the professors in the lab next door to where I worked. Went to the same University as I did. Brillant guy. Scientist. Publishes one big paper every year.

Deadly afraid of the department director. Scared when a meeting came up where he had to present - of his data not being of good enough quality. Come on. This guy was in the lab 12 - 16 hours a day and had two evenings scheduled per week where he would see his family. What kind of life is that? He wouldn't even earn enough to retire early.

Moreover, will such professors - agents of the system - teach future generations the values of life? Or the "values" of being a cog in the machine?

minuteman said...

You are correct. I'm 50 plus, doing well in my career, happily married and have money in the bank. But it has been a hard road to get here. Life didn't start to get good until I was 35. If I had been reading this stuff since I was a teen my life would have been very different. I read it now, because I find it interesting, and so that I can pass the wisdom on to my preteen sons so they don't have to go through what I went through.

Frank Cervi said...

These pioneers of neo-masculinity, our long lost fathers are really akin to the very first researchers and scientists who discovered medicine and cures for societies greatest illnesses.

The red-pill, and the teachings that have been tirelessly hammered out through years of development, have been saving men's lives literally throughout the world. As pointed out in this amazing article, not only financial stress but psychological damages have been spared for the most part on men today who have been able to stumble upon people like Aaron, Rollo, Roissy, Tom Leykis and others alike.

Developing the pill was a hard endeavour in itself, but also getting others to experience its effects and or getting someone to take the preventative medicine was also equally as difficult pre-internet and even still to this day some men are so far gone down the machine that its becomes impossible to save everyone. The ones who are brave enough to save themselves now have a chance to continue the legacy and its teachings.

Anonymous said...

Here's to all of theses dudes, whose names' I can't bother to list, our dear Cappy included. Here's to all of them, may God in Heaven bless these pagans, atheists, agnostics and believers for what they did for us lost sheep.

Peregrine John said...

It disgusts me how long it took me to come to understand this stuff, reprogram my approach to life, and am finally on the road to Something Better. If I move it along quickly, I might get to the right place by the time I reach minuteman's age (pretty soon now). At least I'm taking advantage of knowing who and where I am to try to bring guys along who are truth-curious and also disgusted with what they've been saddled with, but not yet ready for drinking from the firehose. Not an easy balance, delivering the Pill in small doses but undiluted, but I think I'm on it now. My goal - and one that will take a little while to develop fully - is to save as many as possible from that event horizon Frank describes.

All that to say, Thanks. You've made a real difference in my life. Who else could we come to, to find out about economic stuff that sounds too out there to be real? Who else is going to show us what a life of minimalist consumption and maximum freedom can be?

Anonymous said...

Crushed it, dude.

Just crushed it.

Thanks for an instant classic.


Tucanae Services said...

One will always have regrets. Maybe not the ones identified in this post, but you will have them. Many choices in life are binary in nature. Making one choice will exclude its alternate fork in the road, sometimes forever.

My advise -- Accept the regrets with pleasure. If you made the proper decision at the time it was the best that could be had. Accept it and move on.

Never let yesterday use up too much of today.
-- Will Rogers

Anonymous said...

Who is the picture in the upper-right?

I see Chris "Good Looking Loser" Deoudes, Mike "Danger and Play" Cernovich, Tom Leykis, Victor Pride, Roosh V, Captain Capitalism himself, and Stephan Molyneux.

Viking Red Piller said...

This article is so well written, that I find myself going back rereading certain phrases just to enjoy "the taste of them," like fine food and wine. :-)

Anonymous said...

Fred Reed.

Unknown said...

Fred reed

Anonymous said...

The ideas expressed in the Manosphere have dramatically changed my life for the better, and not just the shit about picking up on broads. Around age 30, I knew something was terribly wrong. The idiotic messages I was getting from mainstream sources did not correlate AT ALL with real life. NOT ONE FUCKING BIT!!!! I eventually realized that I was not crazy and wrong. I came to the realization that the society I grew up in was foolish, exploitative, and hopelessly corrupt. I'm grateful that I learned this relatively early in life. I know many men who will never figure it out, and I sort of feel bad for them.

I found a lot of answers in the manosphere. We are truly locked in the Matrix. Modern Western culture is terribly deceptive and hates truth with a passion. At least for now, the manosphere is a bulwark against the bullshit. As the Western world unravels into chaos, I fully expect the ideas in the manosphere to eventually be classified as hate speech. 5 years ago I wouldn't have cared. Now I know the truth.