Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Why Leftists Don't Love Their Own Children

To put it succinctly, it wasn't fair.

It just wasn't fair.

You always self-judge yourself, wondering if you have the intellectual integrity to validate your own political opinions, but when I ran into this veritable douche-bag it wasn't fair.  It just wasn't fair.  He was your typical leftist.  An ideologue.  And like most leftists didn't know jack about

1.  the basics of economics
2.  the budget
3.  debt
4.  math

And so the slaughter began.

I'd go into the detail, but it wouldn't matter.  We were at the bar.  He started spouting shit.  I didn't have the patience, plus, I had the experience to know how to defuse AND capitalize on the situation.  So when the blabber mouth started to claim the national debt was BETTER under Obama than Bush, I said, "OK, I'll bet you the finest pour of scotch this bar has to offer you're wrong."

Of course he didn't take, because like every leftist, he's not just a pussy, but a hypocrite and a coward.

The moron didn't know whether the debt was worse or better under Obama or Bush.  That would've taken effort and research!  And why inconvenience the suburbanite poli-sci major-come-realtor with reality and facts?  So he blathered on, obviously emotionally vested in the fact I wasn't at the alter of Obama, and came back at me with...

"The economy has never been better!!!!"

To which I responded

"Oh really??? You want to bet the next beer average GDP growth is less now than it has been for the past 10 years???"

Once again, pablum, blathering, and grandstanding, but the coward still wouldn't take my bet.

We did this many times over.

GDP figures lower than Clinton's/Bush's administrations?
5$ bet?  Beer tab bet???

Unemployment higher than 5% average under Obama?
Is your opinion worth a $6 beer bet?

Government debt to GDP??? Huh? How's that?  Is THAT worth a $5 beer bet?
No!!!  (it's because GDP means nothing, you understand, to this leftist.  It's all the "corporations maaaaan!!!")

In the end the pussy, like all leftists are, wouldn't take any one of the NUMEROUS bets I offered him to prove his numerous opinions were fact or fiction.  And so, since the coward wouldn't even put $5 down for a bet, it proves most leftist's opinions aren't even worth $5.

But if it was only $5.  For there was something infinitely more valuable this ignorant man was gambling with.

His childrens' futures.

We can go on about whether leftists have the heart or conviction in their beliefs to put down $5 of their own money or not.  It is an academic question.  But what is grand is that this particular leftist, like many others made a GRAAAAAVVVVEEEE mistake;

He bred.

He has two daughters.

And ohhhhhh, my friends.  Does that make the difference.

For while I was trying to engage this fellow into the world of reality (not to mention score a few free drinks off the ignorant fuck) my other buddy who was at the bar watching this debate, was very much like me.

and zero fucks left to give

And we knew precisely what authority, wisdom, and position we had.

The irony was that I (along with him) were trying to get this leftist to understand he needed, ABSOLUTELY NEEDED to understand that he was wrong.  Not for my ego.  Not for my friend's ego.  And not even for himself.  But for his own god damned children.

His voting and proverbial worship of socialism was not boding well for his children's futures.  And even when i tried to explain it clearly to him, he simply dismissed me in a very millennial way of "wow, just wow! OK! I guess we're all nazi's now!" sort of way.

I stood somewhat agape.

You value your own god damned ignorance and intellectual laziness more than you do your own children?  Your politics is more important than your children's futures???

It would be hilarious, if it wasn't so sad.

It only convinced me more that leftists are inferior pieces of scum that are so obsessed with their own egos that they'll sell their children's futures out to their own ideology.  That they value their own children so lowly that their children are not worth the time to spend 10 minutes looking at the federal budget and evaluating what kind of a future you're voting in for them.

I may have had a vasectomy.  I may personally not like children.  But apparently I care more about the children who aren't mine more than leftists do their own flesh and blood.

Enjoy that freaking decline baby.  Enjoy that freaking decline.


Glen Filthie said...

I woulda thunk you all have iphones so a quick trip on the net would solve any such debate handily.

But then I guess it depends where you get your stats, your information and your koolaid from...

SM777 said...

I stopped wasting my time with them long ago. Why even bother being around aspiring slaves....err, I mean "leftists"?

Anonymous said...

I have a couple of distant acquiantances like that. Emotional driven beta-bitches who are holdovers from my childhood. The are usually divorced and doing some dead-end job or on welfare bemoaning how unfair their life is. Some still blame their deceased parents.

Leftists gladly sell their childern into endentured servitude in order to make themselves feel morally superior -- facts be damned. It requires no thought or effort and allows them to feel good about themselves for signalling, not doing, the morally right thing. Mention public debt, immigration, fed budet, etc... you would get a better repsonse from a dog.

Faithless Cynic said...

I know a lefty family who has kids. The kids are teenagers but are already vegetarian vigilantes, SJW, anti gun, and programmed to worship any and all leftists. These worthless fucks will be in charge soon. Statisically, I have about 20 years left on this planet. I will do my best not to get upset watching these worthless fucks destroy the best country that ever existed.

Long popcorn and batteries for the tv remote.

heresolong said...

My personal favorite "the debt doesn't matter because we just owe it to ourselves".

Wait, what? What the hell is that supposed to mean?