Monday, March 28, 2016

Episode #141 of The Clarey Podcast

When the fuck is Jesus coming back?
Cappy is joining Satan!
The Pioneer Podcasters
Do Ozzies hate Yanks?
Muslim kills leftist teacher
Peter Gunn and Herschel Bernardi


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Anonymous said...

The biggest lie they ever told was that a female gave birth to a son, and she is still a virgin. And they believed it. We really need to separate ourselves from these people who believe that kind of things, we need separatism. (Dont confuse that case with the other when a female could swim in a pool where dozens of men had a wank and mistakenly she could get pregnant)

Unknown said...

The cult of atheistic scientism believes much more incredulous things to justify their personal beliefs.

Such as
Infinite universes (An absurd notion, as if true would prove God's existence via the conjunction of infinite power and infinite possibility.)
Infinite time (An absurd notion, as if true the universe would have destroyed itself by now.)
And on and on.

Just sayin'

I mean... a being of infinite power, size, and knowledge capable of creating all the matter in an entire universe out of thin air... and he couldn't reach in and tweak the genes of two eggs and then combine them to create a human?
Your argument from incredulity is only valid IF God doesn't exist. The argument you posit does not in any way disprove His existence.

Heck... If humans can do it (uh... cloning and genetic manipulation), why then is it so impossible a being of infinite power couldn't?

grey enlightenment said...

hilarious. especially the part about Good Friday

Anonymous said...

If there were a God, It would create religion, particularly the Abrahamic varieties - in lieu of simply showing Itself, in plain unambiguous sight, to everyone, everywhere, all the time - as a means for sorting out the non-sapient (i.e. without souls) meat robots. The soul being that facility which generates the thought: "Wait a minute . . . this is bullshit." Or, to put it more formally: The machine does not question the purpose of its programming.

Jamie NZ said...

I was granted an audience in the devil's maze,
I sat by his throne and we talked for days...

Sh*t's for real Cap - don't ask me for answers coz I'm still trying to get my head round it