Monday, March 28, 2016

Nothing Good Ever Came Out of a Business Meeting

Found this interesting.  A calculator to measure the cost of a meeting. 

I remember one time being so bored in a meeting I was calculating how much money we were costing the shareholders.


FishStyx said...

...too many to count!!

On a similar note...
The company I work for recently paid, in excess of, $3M to an ad agency to design a new logo to replace the one we've had for more than 20 years.
Upon unveiling it to the employees at a mandatory "rallY", numerous people commented that:
A) "Is that PINK?" (We were informed it is "Fuchsia".)
B) "Ya know...that looks kinda like a swastika...just sayin'...."

...within 24 hours all plans to release the designated logo on the public (and our clients) was put on indefinite hold.

$550k and 3 weeks later we were given a similar looking logo (...and it's STILL fuchsia) which appears to have been designed by a group of punch-drunk middle-schoolers.

After seeing our VP of Marketing in a meeting and noting how SHE was dressed, it all becomes clear.

I'm going with "Shes color-blind and gets all of her fashion-sense from 60's re-runs of Star Trek."
Needless to say, she makes a "6-figure salary".

liberranter said...

I remember one time being so bored in a meeting I was calculating how much money we were costing the shareholders.

Pfffft. "Shareholders?" Who gives a fuck about shareholders? Or customers. Or workers. Or productivity. Or ...

Bill Greenwood said...

Back at my old job, I should have figured the writing was on the wall over one meeting in particular. On Tuesday afternoon, all the sales staff were summoned to the head office for an 8 AM Wednesday sales meeting. Some of the guys had to come up from Medicine Hat, 4 hours away, and were informed at around 4 PM, Tuesday.
So, 8 AM sharp Tuesday, there was $600/hr worth of staff gathered for a sales meeting called by the CEO sitting in the boardroom. For the next 35 minutes, we sat patiently while the CEO, the Exec. VP, and one of their sycophants wandered about the facility looking for someone who could drive the CEO's AMG Mercedes to Calgary to get the oil changed. The meeting convened at 8:35, and ended abruptly at 8:41 or 8:42 because the CEO had some other important meeting scheduled for 8:45.
We lost 15 minutes of another meeting while the CEO tracked down somebody to drive 45 miles out to his cabin to retrieve a pair of Oakley sunglasses. I kid you not.
The company went bankrupt about 18 months later.

Anonymous said...

Been there ... done that. But just curious about the basic cost of everyone sitting in the meeting. No necessarily tying it to shareholders or anyone else. Just the cost of wasted time.