Friday, March 11, 2016

How Communism Used Feminism and Women to Destroy the US

The audio/video version:


Unknown said...

Not bad - I think should leave the charts up longer, the podcast icon is nice, but if you're talking about a chart, it should be on the screen. Specifically, when discussing the new model (around 11:10)

If you're going to have someone read for you, I'd like to see a text version that I can go back and reference.

Unknown said...

Edit to previous - time should be 12:10, think I wrote 11:10.

PS: dead on target - again. There is no incentive to help people who treat you like shit. When those people (feminists) have no agency of their own - they're effectively waiting for you - the man - to "fix" what they're currently bitching about. It's sad, but women have done to themselves pretty what what the cops have done - failure to police their own has made a mockery of them all. Allowing the poisoned apples to flourish taints the entire barrel. The cost of shopping for the two or three good apples remaining in the barrel of rotted ones has become too expensive.

So, now it's just fate, maybe you come across one that has escaped the brain washing; a woman you can still have a meaningful conversation with, someone who's company is actually a joy. But at my age (nearly 60) going out and looking is just not worth it - if I were 30 years younger the hunt might be a fun challenge - just be careful about thowing away good money on bad company.

Anonymous said...

Excellent broadcast, you hit this one out of the park.

it gets better

The earliest precedent in no-fault divorce laws was originally enacted in Russia shortly after the Bolshevik Revolution.

Ronald Reagan enacted the first no-fault divorce in USA as governor, dont remember the year. yes, communism has been a busy demon

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Unknown said...

No. you have to do these yourself Cappy; we enjoy the way you say it, with your expression and compassion.
This new narrator guy you have, has a good reading voice but...We wanna see YOU and hear YOU.
Dave- Adelaide

SM777 said...

Ronald Reagan enacted the first no-fault divorce in USA as governor, dont remember the year. yes, communism has been a busy demon
1970 Yes, I was around then.

Anonymous said...

The internet can be used for folly:

This woman's article is a riot:

Here's what she looks like, scroll down:

Tucanae Services said...

Marlboro Man 62

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Tucanae Services said...

Love the presentation. Good logic. But I could offer another scenario that lacks the communist slant.

The TPTB recognize that they cannot rule effectively so long as children are taught by freedom loving parents. So the rulers dissolve the family unit as described in the podcast. But the TPTB also recognize that it would take a century to finalize the effects. So to accelerate the trend they go about replacing the population by illegal immigration. The combination of the two efforts appear to be working all too well.