Saturday, March 19, 2016

Death of the Baby Boomer Journalism Industry

1.  You lied to the American people, putting your leftist ideology ahead of journalism.
2.  Admit it, you were lazy and didn't want to study math back in 1960.
3.  Admit it, you never intended to report news, but wanted to "change the world" as well as force your opinion on it.
4.  You will never become David Frost.  You could if any one of you wanted to really look at Hillary Clinton,but we know that violates #1 and #3.
5.  We Gen X'ers and Millennials thank you very much for letting us have the entire internet to replace your old, outdated, corrupt, and obsolete "journalism" business model.  It was awfully nice hearing for decades that "you just didn't understand Excel, computers, or the internet."

Now please go FOAD.


Anonymous said...


Here is the legendary Tom Leykis documentary that is hard to find:

Unknown said...

While I understand the criticism, there are a lot more gen-x and Millenials writing Marxist crap on the internet then there have ever been boomers writing in print. Of course, most of them don't get paid for it. But the ego and self righteous attitude is about the same. No matter how stupid they are, and most of them are pretty stupid, they're sure they're smarter than you (and me). So, all the morons pushing their Cultural Marxist shit, no matter how old they are - can FOAD.

Ryan said...

I occasionally read your blog and both comments. Whenever you trash the boomer generation I wonder if you really think one entire generation is different from another.

Sure, you can list a dozen reasons why the boomer's policies have buried you under a ton of debt, produced kids who cannot earn a living, and grandkids who cannot even count a handful of coins...

We can both look at the youths today and note that fully half of them are fat, illiterate, attention span deprived, and generally helpless. I suppose you simply would reply well yes they are but it's all the boomer's fault.

I would reply, yes they are, and they can choose to better their own lives or continue waddling along, cellphone in hand, knowing nothing significant, and procuring nothing of value, while consuming mass quantities of opiates and trash food.

Yeah boomers are as fucked up as any other generation.

BTW, I've enjoyed some of your viewpoints. I suppose you have your own reasons for despising a generation of folks, including yer folks or grandparents. That's your business.

For your own sake, I hope you'll direct your anger in a direction where it will do you some good. Best wishes. Ryan

Anonymous said...

Modern journalism is a product of our Marxist universities. For the last 50 years journalism schools have been recruiting empty headed students and filling their (very limited) brains with communist ideals and an over inflated sense of their own place in society. This has been abetted by the owners of the mass media conglomerates who value looks over integrity, pomp and circumstance over substance, and ratings over the truth.

Captain Capitalism said...

Ryan and Richard,

No, I loathe all the generations equally. All for different reasons. But it was the boomers that was handed the GREATEST country in the history of the world and just shat all over it.

Fuck them, especially the "journalists"

HawkMan said...

I had to take a break from Tom for awhile. His political talk always seem to upset me, lol. He's super great on quite a few topics, but I have almost the polar opposite opinion on a few areas and it wasn't worth listening and making myself mad over and over, lol. I give him much respect though.

Anonymous said...

". . . and just shat all over it."

No, the mound of excrement had become lethally suffocating by 1913, at the very latest. The most the boomers are guilty of, as a generation - granting for sake of discussion an essentially bogus concept - is adding to the pile. Given what they were taught, how could one expect them to have done otherwise?

grey enlightenment said...

Same for boomer talk radio which is also slowly dying out

Tucanae Services said...

I would not be so quick to write off the Boomer model. I say that based on the outcome of the Gawker suit. $115m to Hogan and the penalty phase starts tomorrow. Gawker was staffed by all those GenXers and Millenials being touted. They screwed the pooch.

The other prime example that the Boomer model is alive and well is Apple. An Apple iPhone6 is worthless without the Apple Store. And that platform is nothing but Boomerville media casting for the small screen. Remove ABC/NBC/CBS out of the old Boomer broadcast model with any of the providers on the Apple store and you won't see one iota of difference. Its nothing but small content providers multicasting to a wide audience. Only thing that has changed is the tech to get it there.

Joe Richards said...

About 15 years ago, I realized my subscription to the Washington Compost (as Mark Levin calls it) was supporting the leftist-industrial complex.

Cancelled my subscription over my wife's objections and still have no regrets.

Keep those posts coming Cappy.


Anonymous said...

It was a long read, but I love how the post delved into "it's sexism" based on anecdotal evidence that more women are getting let go than men.
Even as they're being shown the door they're still holding up the "it's the evil white patriarchy" angle.
Rest In Pieces you Marxist scum.