Tuesday, March 01, 2016

Motorcycles, Donkeys, IQ's and More

In my latest interview with Kerry Lutz!

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Anonymous said...

IQ is lead weight and point of view is worth 80 IQ points. Here is some proof.

Capitalism = Socialism, over time: One of the most hilarious attitudes on the "right" is the insistence on Capitalism and the resulting surprise that it turns into Socialism. Consumerist values lead to regressive primary narcissism and "nowism." The resurgence of Eastern monism and nature worship ("oneism") coincides with consumerist values and rootless market internationlism. The result is herdish collectivism that can't withstand any amount of deprivation. The result of pandering to desire leads to relativism and destroys the basis of natural rights. The sheeple succumb to Freud's "death instinct." Case closed.

"Commerce,opulence, luxury, effeminacy, cowardice, slavery, these are the stages of national degradation."~William Cobbett, The Register (August 1805)